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Maryz Urge Release Their Debut EP!

Maryz Urge recently released their self-titled EP. The band is an all-original alternative rock band based in the MetroWest Region of Massachusetts. They are a 4-piece band that has been together for more than 15 years. The group consists of Scott Rogers (guitar and lead vocals), John Notarangelo (guitar and lead vocals), Eric Milot (drums and lead vocals), and Joe Jacques (bass and backing vocals). You can follow the band on their Facebook page here.

Friday Night opens the EP. An upbeat rocking number that pulls you in from the first riff and keeps your interest right through the end. You can feel the energy that Eric Milot is delivering as he sings. Not bad for a drummer on lead vocal, right? Rogers displays how diverse his voice is as he goes from expressive to a belting scream. You want to hear what he is going to do next within the song. Milot’s drums and Joe Jacques' bass lockdown the rhythm section and really makes this song pop. Milot truly drives it. I like how he sets up Rogers for his vocals. Overall, a great opener, setting the tone for the EP.

Come On Down is the first song I heard from the band so it has slowly become my favorite. This one has some influence stamped all over it. I think you will identify it at a certain point when singer John Notarangelo calls out a specific rocker and his bandmates through the rest of the tune. I do think the chorus pretty much sums up what the band in question here is all about. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but if you catch on, you will be pleasantly surprised how well it’s done. I urge you to listen all the way to the end and you will be rewarded with an obvious reference. If you are going to pay homage to one of your favorite groups, you really can’t get better than this.

Saving It All brings things down a bit, tempo wise. A nice change of pace for the middle of the record. The chord progression will take you back to the mid seventies. It is very melodic and has some nice guitar work. I like how the solos build on each other before the chorus kicks in. After the last chorus the band changes it up and delivers a harder edged outro. I wasn’t expecting that and was pleasantly surprised.

Passion is a slow burner. Musically, this has a southern rock tone to it. This track is all about the guitar work. The licks throughout the song really add some spice in between the harmonies. The highlight is the melodic slightly shredding guitar solos.

Widow’s Creek is the closes out the EP and it’s the perfect choice. They come back with a rocking number that’s reminiscent of The Who. Milot’s drumming captures your attention and maintains it. The song takes on a darker and more sinister sound as it builds up to Notarangelo’s vocals. The band gets political here, taking on racism. I have to give them credit for taking on such a controversial topic. They don’t tiptoe around it, they go right for the throat in some graphic detail. The subject matter and the music complement each other in that they paint the story of the history of racism. Notarangelo delivers an angry yet emotional vocal. I would say this one should be heard by all. I would add it to your playlist.

Overall, this EP shows the band can’t be pigeonholed. They are a guitar driven Blues based rock band that fires on all cylinders. The group wears their influences on their sleeve. You get a familiar sound with a modern edge. Below you can check out Come On Down below.

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