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Mason Hill, A Band You Should Know!

I just discovered Mason Hill and all I can say these guys are fantastic! To say they are old school wouldn’t be fair to them, but they have a refreshing take on an old sound. They are from Glasgow, U.K. The band has been making waves over there, for awhile, so much so, they were picked up by Frontier Music SRL. Here’s my quick take. I love the vocals of Scott Taylor and the guitar work of James Bird. The rest of the band is just as good. I mean how often do you see a rocking bass player pluck the string without a pick and on a five string bass at that? Kudos Matthew Ward. But driving that stellar rhythm section is the drummer Craig McFetridge, and of course, the finishing touches from backing guitarist Marc Montgomery puts them over the top. Together they are amazing. Just my opinion. Now that I have introduced you to the band, you need to check out their self-titled debut EP, “Mason Hill”, (and mind you, it should have been an LP), plus you can keep up with them on their website here.. Now prepared to be thunderstruck with their official new single, Now You See Me below.

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