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Matt Zajac’s Debut Album “Garden Of Hedon” Takes You On A Rock Journey!

Matt Zajac

Matt Zajac

 Garden Of Hedon

         Track List                                                    Band Members

1- Welcome Song                                                Matt Zajac- Vocals/Guitar/Drums

2- Lady In White                                                 Steve Serra- Guitar/Mandolin

3- Daisy Chain                                            William Donovan- Bass

4- Reason To Sing                                            Johnny Keys- Keyboards

5- Open Road

6- Thrill Of Chase

7- Sweet Forever

8- Brother Judas

   Produced By:                                             Artist Website:

Mike Fitzmaurice                

Before I dive in on the record review, I need you to really check out the cover art both on the outside and the inside of the CD. The details and bringing the word of hedon to life is well done. Obviously there is the play on the Garden Of Eden that makes it that much better. The artwork is by Caitlan Mattisson, you could do yourself a favor look her work up. Now onto the CD.

When you listen to this record you will notice that Zajac embraces his influences and combines them for some unique material. The first track is Welcome Song. It kind of has a Black Crowes tone to it and is a nice opening track for a record. The song has some great lyrics and sets up what a band and the audience should be like at a show. Here is my favorite verse from it ;

“The band’s on at nine the crowd’s feelin’ fine be one with the vibration Make yourself at home here in the unknown there are no limitations only the wonders of your mind”

That paints a pretty good picture of what it’s all about. Throughout the album you get gems like this. This one makes you feel right at home.

Lady In White steps up the tempo then the softer opening track. This one has some cool harmonies and is very melodic. But the guitar licks and solo are pretty impressive and really makes this a stand out track on the record.

Daisy Chain is a song I reviewed in the past as it was the lead single from the album. You can use this is one of the ones I let you discover on your own or you can read what I wrote about it here.

Reason To Sing this one has a nice tempo to it and has a comfort feeling like this one has been part of your listening pleasure for years. It kind of has a marriage of Kid Rock and Country Rock having a child. I can see this one on your Summer playlist.

Next up is is very seventies sounding and I think should be another single from this record. This one had me hooked right away and I truly enjoyed Zajac’s vocals on this. The drums and guitar work here take the song to another level. This song is a true grower, meaning the more you lay it the more you like it. This one is the gem on the album to me.

Thrill Of The Chase is the pure rock song on the album. You get the attitude and great riffs and hooks. Straight ahead vocals and just a great overall rock tune. You can catch yourself getting into this one right away. You won’t be disappointed with this one.

I let you discover the next track Sweet Forever. As l always I give you a track or two to check on your own with no influence from me. This brings us to the closer Brother Judas. This is the longest track on the record clocking in at 6:54. Zajac’s singing style is more in a story teller style and deeper than the rest of the album. You can feel the emotions he is experiencing throughout the song. As the last track of the record it ends like it started with a softer tone. You get some great harmonies, mixed with other instruments and melodic guitar work. It’s a nice way to bring the album to a close.

Songs to check out Welcome Song, Open Road and Thrill Of The Chase.

Check out Lady In White below.

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