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Max Roxton Releases A Call To Action In His New Single “Out Of The Dark”!

Max Roxton (7 Mazes) has released his second solo single Out Of The Dark. The song hard pounding beat and some really cool riffs. Roxton delivers better than expected vocals. I love his range and the way gives the words he sings emotion. It truly is something to hear.

A highlight for me is a little past the halfway point Roxton does a scream that is well, you just have to find out for yourself. Yes, it’s that good. The lyrics talk about global power/conspiracies but at the same time it talks about unifying and taking action when you read lines like these;

“Let’s cut the cord, now let’s turn the page, Unite, all together, we can make a change”

It those words to make you want to rise up then I’m not sure what will. I think you will appreciate the message within the track The video shows Roxton’s head shot singing with it being animated and other things to reflect the lyrics. Check it out below.

#MaxRoxton #OutOfTheDark

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