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Max Roxton Releases Powerful Debut Single “Out Of Control”!

Max Roxton, singer and guitarist of 7 Mazes is debuting his first solo single Out Of Control. You can get a copy of it here. You can also check him out on his Facebook page here. The amazing thing about this song is he plays all the instruments. Take that in for a minute, not only does he have a great voice and sings on this he plays all the instruments. I think that’s worthy of repeating. The song pulls you in as you anticipate the build up going right into the vocals.

There is a lot happening in this track. You get hard driving riffs and then it slows down and comes back up, I love the cadence of it all. It’s done brilliantly. This song will make you play it again and again. Yes, it’s that good. The video is Roxton singing, but you see the passion and energy that he brings. You should watch it all the way to the end. The combination of the music and the video will make your day. Check it out below.

#MaxRoxton #OutOfControl

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