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Meet Blue Nation, United Kingdom’s New Riff Masters!

I came across these guys by chance. You might say I got lucky. Blue Nation hail from Birmingham, England. This three piece display a true rock style, in the vein of Cream and others. They have powerful riffs, chord changes and breakdowns in their songs. They have a full sound. I could go on. But I will let you discover them on your own. They have a new album coming out on November 30th called “The Kaftan Society”. You can pre-order it here. You can learn more about them and follow them on their website here. These guys are a band you need to keep an eye on. I feel they will catch on relatively fast internationally. Check out the song from the forthcoming album that hooked me Gimme Some Time below.

#BlueNation #GimmeSomeTime #TheKaftanSociety

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