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Meet Doug Balmain In An Exclusive Interview!

doug balmain

Balmain, A Rock ‘N’ Roller With A Voice Of A Soul Man!

Doug explains where he was and where he is now, musically. He tells you about his journey to get where he is. How he writes his songs, he is the real deal my friends. Doug’s new EP, Burnin’ Both Ends, is a passionate tale of life’s experiences. In fact you can order it here, If you do, he will personally sgn it for you. How cool is that! Plus when you order it from him, youy also get a immediate digital download. You can learn more about him at his site (listed above, Facebook:, or follow him on Twitter, Below is the interview I did with him. Enjoy!

Below is my favorite song off the album. The title track of his Burnin’ Both Ends, EP.

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