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Meet Florida Rockers Capitol Fox With Their Latest Single "Truth Behind The Lies"!

Capitol Fox hail from Melbourne, Florida and are making their mark. This power trio just released their EP "Bend Me, Twist Me, Fit Me". You can get a copy here. Truth Behind The Lies is the band's single from the record. If the Rock of the seventies and the Grunge of the nineties had a kid, it would be Capitol Fox. This fresh take on a retro sound is something I think everyone has been missing. The three men, drummer Todd Charron, Derek Cole on bass and singer/guitarist Coleman Wilcox, have created a sound that sounds much. bigger than a threesome.

The rhythm section of Charron and Cole is as strong as any I've heard. Each worthy of their own attention. Cole's bass line and Charron's drums driving the tempo of the song, I think make the track eargasmic. Wilcox, who plays double duty with his powerful and emotion vocals and melodic guitar work. He is the band's lethal weapon. The song pulls you in, as you listen it just keeps getting better. It builds up and maintains your interest. Overall, they don't disappoint and I think you will be adding them to your playlist. Check out their lyric video below.

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