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Meet Metorana, New York’s Hidden Gem!

Metorana is from Queens, NY. I had the pleasure of seeing them last Saturday on tour here in Providence, RI. To say the least, I was impressed. They are a three piece and extremely tight. Their energy was high. They looked like they were playing to a sold out crowd, as they should. Not knowing anything about them, I was hooked after just a few minutes into their set. Below is their single, Traitor, off their current album “Sick Sad World”. The song should be on your playlist. In the video, you will see as well as hear the emotion of the lyrics and the passion in which they play. It’s a great song and I love the way they use the term traitor for a breakup song. Powerful and intense is all I have to say about the single, but could also define the band. Learn more about them here. Be a fan now, I say, because they won’t be local for long. Check out the video below.

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