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Megadeth Release Title Track Of Their New Album “The Sick, The Dying…And The Dead”

Megadeth has just released a new album “The Sick, The Dying…And The Dead”. You can order a copy here. The band has now giving us the title track as the third single from the record. This is by far the most melodic of the three and I feel Dave Mustaine has found a way to update their thrash sound. With all the member changes, he has a new found energy and attitude to his music. Everything is done so well on this it’s hard to pinpoint one two things. It’s a great listen.

The video completes the trilogy of the story live of their mascot Vic Rattlehead. Here he plays a war hero on his way to punish everyone that has destroyed his life and everything that defines. You might say he has moved up the ranks on who he takes out in this multi part film. Always topnotch movie like quality in these video releases. it’s hard not to watch them. It does say the saga will continue, but for now we see the final of the trilogy. Enjoy it below.

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