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Memory of a Melody Releases A New Single “Mary Go Round”!

San Antonio, Texas rockers Memory of a Melody (MOAM) has released a new single from their recently released EP “Burn Alive”. If you’re not familiar with them you will be but in the mean time you can checkout their website here. Mary Go Round is a mix of melodic hard driving riffs and pounding drums. If you are like me, you will be head nodding to this one in no time. Singer Mario Galdos does some pretty cool vocal acrobatics in this one, which takes you on an incredible ride through out the song.

The band uses nursery rhymes (hence the play on word in the song title) to help tell the story of a love betrayed. I thought that was cool and a fanatastic way to convey those feelings of hurt. The music kind of follows suit, where it has some spots where it highlights by slowing down and speeding back up making you take the time to get the nursery rhymes tie in. The guitar solo is something to pay attention to. Really well done. The video is a lyric one and shows you how the the man finds out about Mary. You can check it out below.

#BurnAlive #MaryGoRound #MemoryofaMelody

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