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Messer Release New Single “Fight Of My Life”!

Messer has released a new single from their self titled debut album. Fight Of My Life is a song about perseverance. A lot of bands have been taking this perspective which is a positive thing to let people know they can overcome anything. I’m glad groups are addressing this issue. Most don’t quit paint the picture the way these guys do. Check outage opening lyrics;

“I found myself so lost this time And sometimes I feel like I could break I’m chasing shadows in my mind Alone”

Fight Of My Life indeed. Dereak Messer delivers the right emotions to make you feel what he is going through. The music is solid and rocking. The driving force of the song pulls you in and then it slows down and the band changes it up. The way they did it just takes the track to another level. It’s very well done. The video on the other hand tells a story of a motocross biker and his challenges and finally winning over his struggles. Check it out below.

#FightOfMyLife #Messer

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