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Metallica Release New Single "Screaming Suicide"!

Metallica has a new album coming out on April 14th titled "72 Seasons". You can. pre-order it here. The second single from the record is Screaming Suicide. This one surprised me. First it hooked me right away, second, it's still trashy yet melodic. I find this one of the more commercial sounding tracks they have released. Radio will latch on to this one. Kirk Hammet's guitar work is attention getting and fits the song perfectly. I have no negative comments for this as it is rocking number. The single takes on the dark topic of suicide. More on that later.

The video is shot in black and white and that brings on the dramatics for such a rarely discussed topic. You get the band performing it and James Hetfield also doing some acting to make the point of the lyrics. The band is taking suicide seriously, and want you to know you are not alone. After watching the video you will see a quote from Hetfiled describing the meaning of the song. Below that you will see a bunch of hotlines you can call depending on what country you reside in.

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