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Metallica Releases New Animated Lyric Video For “Master Of Puppets”!

Metallica is taking advantage of their resurgence from the Netflix Series “Stranger Things”. The scene which brings the song life is where Eddie Munson played by Joseph Quinn plays the song as he tries to kill bat like creatures called Vecna. This scene has brought a whole new generation of fans to the band and its 1986 classic Master Of Puppets. The title track of the very same album. There are some new stats out there on the amount of streams and purchases of the said song that has given the group a rise in the charts and popularity. In turn the band has released a new video for the song. The video is animated with the lyrics and it’s very dark with a person going through a maze and you eventually strings being pulled by the hands of the master. Check it out below.

#MasterOfPuppets #Metallica

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