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Mick Jagger Teams Up With Dave Grohl For A New Single “Eazy Sleazy”!

Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones) partnered with Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) for a new single (No word on an album) called Eazy Sleazy. I found this to be an interesting pairing but a good one nonetheless. This one definitely has the makings of Punk Rock to me. The way Jagger sings the song and the cadence of the guitars licks makes me feel that way. On a side note, Grohl plays drums, bass and guitar on this and Jagger plays guitar too. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with this and a fun listen. Jagger said this about the song;

“I wanted to share this song that I wrote about eventually coming out of lockdown, with some much needed optimism – thank you to Dave Grohl for jumping on drums, bass and guitar, it was a lot of fun working with you on this – hope you all enjoy Eazy Sleazy!”

I guess it’s just what we needed. Lyrically, Jagger nailed it I think with the following words;

“Looking at the graphs with a magnifying glass Cancel all the tours, football’s fake applause No more travel brochures Virtual premieres, I’ve got nothing left to wear”

Again, displaying angst and very punk. The video is fantastic. Though Jagger and Grohl filmed in separate locations, it doesn’t change the energy of it all. You can enjoy it below.

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