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Mick Michaels and James Pera, Two Metal Titans Lay Down Their Axes To Talk All Things Corners Of San


  Mick Michaels (Guitarist) and James Pera (Bassist) of Corners Of Sanctuary, from Philadelphia, PA. Hard Rock and Metal fans alike, should rejoice that Corners Of Sanctuary is still carrying the torch of what we all want. Mick and James give insight on their soon to be released album, Metal Machine. They enlighten you on what really goes on in clubs and what the scene is like. They both give a school of hard knocks perspective. You can learn how they use social media and network. I’ll stop telling you about what they had to say and let you listen to Mick and james tell you!

  You can learn more about them on Facebook, here; or their website, here; Listen to the interview below.

Here is the latest video from their Carry The Cross EP, this one is called; Now We Must Live.

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