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Mike Milan Dedic Lays Down A Rocking Groove With New Single “Energy”!

Mike Milan Dedic has released another single, the hope is one day we get all of these singles in an album format, but I’ll take what we can get. Energy is his latest and it’s riff oriented with melodic guitar work. In case you haven’t learn by now, Dedic is an instrumentalist. He usually works as trio. In this case it’s drummer Brian Latimer and Dearian Seepersad on keyboards. Dedic pulls double duty playing both the guitar and bass on this one. In case you want to follow him he does have a Facebook page here and Youtube page here. The new song is a bit more uptempo and less moody than others he has done. One might say you get a piste vibe from it. Like it’s namesake I think you can take this one to your workouts and will keep you motivated to push on. For those of us who aren’t working out, this is a good jam to take in. There is no video but a stream of the audio. Check it out below.

#energy #MikeMilanDedic

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