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Mike Milan Dedic Releases “Launch (Re-Launch)” Blues Spectacular!

Canadien Blues rocker Mike Milan Dedic has released a new track this week called Launch (Re-Launch). Dedic isn’t planning on putting out a new album but you can find all his music on your usual streaming services. You can also keep up with him on his Facebook page here. Dedic is joined by Brian Latimer on bass and Zachary Murray on drums. I think this track is my favorite one by him so far. I love the melody and the soloing in this one. The more I play it the better it gets, I seem to hear things I miss the first time. The video is the boys playing on stage set. But to me the coolest part of the video is about 2 minutes and 12 second in when the camera focuses on both Dedic and Latimer playing together. Watching and hearing what is playing is worth the price of admission as they say. You can check it out below.

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