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Mike Milan Dedic Releases New Single “Run”!

Mike Milan Dedic has released a new single from his current self titled EP. I suggest you check out his YouTube channel here. Run is his latest single. Unlike many instrumentalists Dedic doesn’t seem to have that ego/show off vibe you get from some. I enjoy his style of play and through his playing he highlights the others playing with him. He always seems to pick the right musicians to support him.  You will see that in his video.

As you listen to the song you will see it has slight build up and seemingly in its own way has a bridge and chorus. Overall I find it soothing to hear and I obviously would be remiss not to mention the melodic bluesy shredding on the guitar. It’s simply fantastic. The song is a grower the more you hear the better it gets. The video shows Dedic and his band performing the track. Check out the drum set, don’t see those everyday and has a great sound. I think Dedic looks very cool in the hat too. Definitely looking like a bluesman with it. Check out the whole thing below.

#MikeMilanDedic #Run

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