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Mike Milan Dedic Releases “Shall We Dance Too?”

Mike Milan Dedic has released another single from his self titled EP. Shall We Dance Too? is his latest single. As Stated in the past I’m not one for instrumentals but lately John 5 and Dedic have been swaying me away from that and making me a fan. Dedic has a playing style that brings you in and takes you for a ride. He shreds yet is melodic, he’s blues yet he rocks it. I can’t quite put a finger on it but he keeps you interested. For those of you who are like me about instrumentals this might be very palatable for you. I think this one should be on the radio, people need to know this musicologists exists. The video on the there hand is a bit of a departure for Dedic. He usually shows the band and him performing the song. This time he has Canadien Actress and Model Rebekka Weigand dancing in the video. She definitely peaks your interest in making you want to join her to dance. Well played Dedic! You can follow and keep a watchful eye for this rising star on his Facebook page here. Check out the single below.

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