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Monster Truck- Furiosity

Monster Truck


Track List                                                                  Band Members

  1.  1- Old Train                                                                   Jon Harvey- Vocals, Bass

  2.  2- The Lion                                                      Jeremy Widwerman- Guitar, Vocals

  3.  3- Power Of The People                                            Brandon Bliss- Organ, Vocals

  4.  4- Sweet Mountain River                                                Steve Kiely- Drums, Vocals

  5.  5- Psychics

  6.  6- Oh Lord                                                                          Produced By

  7.  7- For The Sun                                                                       Eric Ratz

  8.  8- Boogie

  9.  9- Undercover Love                                                              Official Site 

  10. 10-The Giant                                                          

  11. 11- Call It A Spade

  12. 12- My Love Is True                                                                    Label

  13. 13- Win/Lose (Bonus Track)                                               Dine Alone Records

  Monster Truck is one Canadian band that has brought rock back, north of the U.S. border. The Furiosity album covers all the basics. Hard and heavy, great blues based sound, lyrics short and to the point. The album is full of riffs that just blow you away. The album at times reminds of great bands like Grand Funk Railroad and just plain old school rock and roll. I’m not going to go through every track. Something’s you have to find out and enjoy yourself. This album deserves your full attention.

 The opening track Old Train sets the tone for the record, with its huge riffs and driving beat. The Lion continues the mood making you want to band your head through out the tune. Sweet Mountain River is a great track and the first single off the album. It’s a track I play over and over and can’t get enough of.  I’m sure when you hear it you will be addicted to it as I am.

  For The Sun, is a slow burner, with excellent guitar work. Like Sweet Mountain River, I can’t stop playing this one. I think it’s the best track on the record. Boogie picks up the pace again and get’s you back into the groove for the rest of the record. Call It Spade seems to pay homage to ZZ Top and that’s not a bad thing. It has a hard and driving beat that makes you want to pump your fists in the air. I can see this one ending their shows. Finally, the bonus track, Win/Lose; you can only get it on iTunes or vinyl (at least at the time of this writing), fits the album mold. The song is one of their fast paced tunes and the vocals are pretty strong as well.

The fans of the band have a saying that is “Don’t fuck with the truck” and if you listen to this album, you will see that the band has rightfully earned it’s mantra. I’m sure once you given a good listen, you will become a fan, too.

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