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Monster Truck Release “Devil Don’t Care” Lyric Video!

Monster Truck has released a new single for their recently released album “True Rockers”. The latest song is Devil Don’t Care. The song is heavy, catchy and riff driven. Lyrically, the group seems to o towards the hippie world of love and peace with this one. Something of a vibe they have been giving on this album. To make the point, read the following lyrics:

“How many times have you helped your brother? How many times have you heard your sister’s plea? Now is the time for us to need each other”

Very 60ish, I would say. That aside the song is worthy of your time and listen. It hits on all cylinders. The lyric video helps you get a better understanding of what they are saying as well. Check it out below.

#DevilDontCare #MonsterTruck #TrueRockers

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