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Motley Crüe Release "Hotter Than Hell" Demo For New Shout At The Devil 40th Anniversary Edition!

Updated: Nov 19

Motley Crüe will be releasing a 40th anniversary their sophomore 1983 album "Shout At The Devil". The super remastered deluxe version is being called "Year Of The Devil". Due out October 27th, you can ore-order it here. Ahead of its release we get their demo for Hotter Than Hell. The demo later became their song Louder Than Hell. If there is one thing that I like about all these deluxe editions etc is the fact that we get demos. I love to see how a track gets to the final product. You get the raw idea from the band and then you get the vision of the producer and the final product. In most cases, the final product we hear isteh best version. We should embrace these releases just for those things alone. In any event, you can check it out below.

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