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Motley Crue Release Remastered Demo For "Black Widow"!

Motley Crue will be releasing a 40th anniversary box set for their 1983 album "Shout At The Devil". Due out October 27th, you can pre-order it here. The package will feature the usual bells and whistles including demos and rarities. Ahead of the forthcoming anniversary edition we get a remastered version of their Black Widow demo. You may be familiar with this if you. are a fan as it appeared on the 2005 "Red, White & Crue" album. This one I wish actually made it on the record because I would have truly liked to hear what Producer Tom Werman would have done with it. The remastered take makes it sound better, but it lacks the anger and angst they had at the time. Outside of that, nothing to exciting to write home about here. You can check it out below.

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