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Motley Crue Releases Two Singles “Ride With The Devil” And “Crash And Burn”!

Motley Crue has released two new singles from their album “The Dirt Soundtrack” out today. The two new sings are Ride With The Devil and Crash And Burn. These are much better than the other releases out for the soundtrack thus far. That being said they aren’t really anything special, typical Motley Crue. Ride With The Devil is definitely radio friendly and I think it was designed that way to keep people interested in the new film which also debuts today on Netflix. Crash And Burn seems like a filler tune to me or would be on any other album they would have put out. A single, I don’t think it qualifies, but it’s not my call. I guess the real standout is Mick Mars, he seems to be the truest member of the band in his style and playing, rarely disappoints. I can’t say that for the rest. You can listen to both below.

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