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Motorhead Puts Out Previously Unreleased Track "Greedy Bastards"!

Motorhead will be releasing a reissue of their 2015 album Bad Magic on February 24th titled "Bad Magic: Seriously Bad Magic". You can pre-order it here. Ahead of the forthcoming album, we get the second unreleased track, Greedy Bastards. This one is on the softer side, versus the usual thrashy one they play. The topic and the message couldn't be more accurate for today even though it was written years ago. This verse kind of sums it up;

"In the seats of power the old men sit and talk

Vote against them then you get to walk

The secrets within secrets are being hid away

Greedy bastards like to make them pay"

You need to hear Lemmy Kilmister's spoken word before the song starts. It setup the song. More so, it fits what many feel today about our politicians. The highlight to me on this track is Phil Campbell's guitar solo. I like how melodic it is. I feel it takes the music to another level. I admit, this song wasn't what I was expecting and am pleasantly surprised. I think you will be too. Along with the release we get a very cool animated video. Check it out below.

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