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Music News For The Week Of April 6, 2014!

California Breed released a new one from their up and coming debut out May 19. This one is called Midnight Oil:

Jack White has announced dates for his Lazzeretto tour. You can get them here:

Andy Summers (Police) has released a new video with his new band Circa Zero with Rob Giles of The Rescues. This track is called Levitation.  This is from their album Circus Hero released back on March 25th. Check out the single here:

Taylor Hawkins’ (Foo Fighters) band, Birds Of Satan, has their music available for streaming. You can listen to it here:

The title track of the new album by Saliva is Rise Up. Here is the video for it, the album comes out on April 29th. Check it out here:

Here is this week’s PSA. Neal Schon (Journey) released a video of his new solo effort: here is the video if you want to know more (because I don’t), you have to find out for yourself:

Slash/Aerosmith’s Let Rock Rule tour dates are announced. Check them out here:

Steel Panther has released a new video for their song Glory Hole from their new album, All You Can Eat. You can watch it here, but it may offend some:

Speaking of Slash, he released Reel To Real Part 7, and of course you can watch it here:

Theory Of A Deadman are releasing their new album SaVages on July 8th. Their first single will be Drown. You can sample it here:

Black Stone Cherry have started a video series for their new album, Magic Mountain. Here is the first one. Inside Magic Mountain Part 1:

Winger released a new video called: Tin Man. It is from their up and coming release Better Days Are Comin’. It comes out April 22nd. You can watch it here:

Last week’s Rockucation question was:  Queens Of The Stone Age featured a drummer on their second album to help them have a more rock sound. Who was the guest drummer? The correct Answer is David Grohl. This weeks answer came to us from Evan Portno of Coventry, RI.

As long as we are on the topic, Queens Of The Stone Age, have released a new video for Smooth Sailing off of their current album Like Clockwork. You can watch it here: case you missed it, Bryan Adams is touring and you need to go to his site, but unlike most bands, who list out the dates, you have to pick the country you want to see him. It must be a Canadian thing. I picked the States. You can see them here:,completelist&view_archive=&view_archive_year=&show_tour=86

Hear Sebastian Bach tell you about his new album Give Em’ Hell here:

Bad Company and Lynyrd Skynyrd added July tour dates. Get them here:

In the case you care dept. Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac has a new TV series called 24 Hours With Mick. No air date or network announced yet.

As discussed here previously, Led Zeppelin will be doing a reissue series of their albums starting on June 3. You can watch the preview trailer they released this week here:

Pop Evil have announced more tour dates with Escape The Fate. You can get them here:

Night Ranger has a new album coming out called High Road. It comes out June 10th. You can hear them tell you about it here:

KISS is releasing a box set, a huge one, 34 albums and everything that goes with it. The price tag is also huge at $1749.99. Yep you read it right. But hey they aren’t all that bad, shipping is free. You can watch the promo video here:

Daughtry released a lyric video for the song Battleship from his current album Baptized and you can watch it here:

A random thought. I don’t see what the fuss is about for Jake Bugg, everything sounds the same. Doesn’t do much for me, I get the Dylan reference, but that is given this guy way too much credit. That is all.

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This week’s Rockucation question is: Can you name at least four bands (there are many) that are still around today, but only have one original member. (David Grohl’s Foo Fighters does not count.)

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