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Music News For The week Of August 17, 2013

Avenged Sevenfold released their new video Hail To The King from their new record of the same name. You can watch it here;

In case you are keeping track of what’s going on with Bon Jovi. Richie Sambora has been fired. Let’s see if this affects ticket sales like the rumors had stated earlier. I’m guessing this is a sad time for Bon Jovi fans.

Sebastian Bach is working on a new CD and has announced who is guitarist will be and he is Devin Bronson, who ended up closing out his tour with him. The album will be out in early 2014 and will feature appearances from Duff McKegan and Steve Stevens.

You can stream the new super group debut album the Rides here;

If you care to know, Scott Weiland wants  Stone Temple Pilots to buy him out. I’m not sure how the band was set up, but not surprisingly, there are various ways to divide up their business as a band. But what is the value and what will they give him if they did is the question. The bigger piece is that he now accepts he is totally out of the band.

Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp has announced the line up for 2014’s camp. The dates are Feb 27 through March 2nd. You will see members of Judas Priest among others. You can get the details here;

And yet another super group, this one is called the Dead Daises, you may have heard of them before, but now they are releasing their debut. I won’t go into the details on what band they are from but, here is the list; Jon Stevens (vocals), Richard Fortus (guitar), Alex Carapetis (drums), Marcus Mendoza (bass), Dizzy Reed (keyboards)  and David Lowy (guitar). Here is their new song, which features Slash called Lock and Load. I like this one a lot. You can listen to it here;

New Pearl Jam video out for Mind Your Manners; Check it out here;

New Elton John. New album is called The Diving Board. It comes out in September. The video for his new single is called Home Again. You can watch it here;

Last weeks Rockucation was; this guitarist was in band called The Moving Sidewalks that opened for Jimi Hendrix and he mentored him. He also went on to create another famous band. Can you name him and the band he is in now?  Unfortunately, no one was able to give the right answer. Maybe this week I will try and easier one. The answer here is Billy Gibbons and ZZ Top. You will more than likely see an album out by the Moving Sidewalks in the next few months. Remember you heard that here first.

Well she isn’t really in the category of rock and metal,  but she did help formulate the Eagles and influenced countless others from that California scene. Linda Ronstadt’s career as a singer has ended. She has Parkinson’s disease. There is no cure for this disease, but there is medicine that can help manage it. We wish her the best and hopefully, someday she can do something musically again.

KISS started a arena football franchise last week, called LA KISS. Now their one and only KISS Coffeehouse is closing in September, it opened in 2006. But they still have the KISS Monster Golf in Vegas and the whole Hello KISS Kitty thing going on as well.

Paul Simon will be releasing a box set on October 15. It will be called The Complete Albums Collection. It will be a 15 disc set.

Rumor has it that Motley Crue will be launching a farewell tour next year. Not like others have done, but an actual farewell tour. We shall see, it’s not like we haven’t heard that before.

Derek Sherinian has joined Joe Bonamassa’s band. They have worked together in the past as band mates in Black Country Communuon. But Sherinian is now a ful fledged member of Joe’s band.

Alter Bridge has started a web series called; The Making Of Fortress. You can watch the first episode here for the song Uninvited.

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This week’s Rockucation question is: What is Johnny Lydon’s stage name and what band was he in.

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