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Music News For The Week Of August 30, 2015!

Slayer released a new song this week from their up and coming Repentless album out on September 11. This one is called Cast The FIrst Stone. You can listen to it here

Joel Hoekstra’s (Whitesnake) new side project, Joel Hoekstra’s 13, released a new video this week. The album, Dying To Live, comes out October 16. The song is Until I Left You. See if you can name all the guests in the video. You can watch it here

Black Sabbath released a trailer for their Beginning Of The End World Tour. No Bill Ward though, so much for his hopes to make amends. Pay attention to the video for the tour dates here

Motorhead has been canceling dates due to Lemmy’s health.I would guess they will probably cancel the tour sooner rather than later if it keeps up.

Marty Friedman (formerly of Megadeth) has released a video for his song, Jasmine Cyanide. It’s from the digital re-release of his album, Inferno. You can watch it here

Stryper’s new album comes out October 16, but they released another track from it called Big Screen Lies. I really think this one rocks. You can watch it here

Speaking of a rocking track, the latest from Queensryche is one for sure. This is called Guardian and it’s from their new album, Condition Human, out on October 2nd. Watch it here

WASP released a new track this week called Scream. It’s from their Golgotha album, being released on October 9. You can watch it here

Coheed And Cambria released another track this week called Here To Mars. It’s from their soon to be released album, The Color Before The Sun, out on October 16. Watch it here

The Bullet Boys released a new song from their latest album, Elefante, out now. This is called Rollover. Check it out here

Operation: Mindcrime (Geoff Tate’s version of Queensryche) released a video for their new song, The Stranger. It’s off their new album, The Key, out on September 18. Watch it here

Michael Munroe (Hanoi Rocks) just posted a new video on his website called Old King Road. It’s from his album, Blackout States, out on October 9. You can check it out here

Last week’s Rockucation question: Who plays keyboard on Alice In Chains’ Black Give Way To Blue? No one got this one. The answer is Elton John.

Black Stone Cherry will be releasing a CD/DVD package on October 30. It’s called Thank You, Living Live. It’s from their sold-out Birmingham LG performance.They also released live footage of White Trash Millionaire that you can watch 

Monster Magnet released a new video this week for their song, Watch Me Fade. It’s from their soon to be released album, Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux), out on October 9. You can watch it here

Anthrax gave us a studio update. You can watch it here

Ugly Kid Joe released another track this week from their new album, Uglier Than They Used To Be that comes out October 16. The new song is called. Hell Ain’t Hard To Find. Check it out here

The Devil City Angels debut album by the same name comes out on September 18. You can pre-order it here

Not sure this even worth commenting on, but Def Leppard released a trailer for their album. Again when you see it, I’m not sure it was worth the effort they put into it: here

Voodoo Hill’s new album, Waterfall, comes out on October 16. They released a new song this week that features Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Country Communion, California Breed). The song is called All That Remains. You can listen to it here

Sammy Hagar has announced book signing dates for his latest release, Are We Having Fun Yet: The Cooking & Partying Book. Out on September 15. You can get dates and other info here

You can check out my latest guest blog here

Phil Collins is releasing deluxe versions of his solo albums, Face Value and Both Sides, on November 6. They will be released with all the goodies that you expect with these things.

Joe Bonamassa has released a live video from his new DVD called Live At Radio City Music Hall. The release date is October 2. You can check it out here

If you pre-order Sevendust’s new album, Kill The Flaw, on iTunes you will get the songs Not Today and Thank You when you do.The album comes out on October 2nd. You can pre-order it here

Maxxxwell Carlisle has his own radio show. The guitarist of Hellion talks shredding. You can also check out my interview with him under the interview tab from several months ago. You can hear his show here

As you know if you read this weekly, I try to avoid political topics, but this a free concert that features Joe Walsh and Steven Tyler among others, in Washington, DC, October 4. It’s call Face The Addiction and you can see the details here.

Does anyone really care that Keith Richards thinks that Metallica and Black Sabbath are jokes. I think he says things like that to keep him in the press while promoting his new solo record.

The Scorpions are celebrating their 50th anniversary with a series of deluxe releases starting November 6. The first two are Blackout and Love At First Sting. You can watch the trailer for them here Also, their latest album, Return To Forever, will be out September 11.

Tremonti announced tour dates for Europe. You can get them here

This week’s Rockucation question: David Bowie had a hit with his version of Dancing In The Street. Who did he sing it with?

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