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Music News For The Week Of August 9, 2015!

Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave) released a lyric video for his new album, Higher Truth Today, out on September 18. The song is Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart. You can watch it here You can also get tour dates here

Not sure if this is a new trend happening or not, but a couple of weeks it was a 1000 musicians playing Foo Fighters to get them to come play in Italy and this week, in Brazil, 150 drummers gathered to play AC/DC’s You Shook Me All Night Long and Megadeth’s Symphony Of Destruction. The fact that these people can pull this off amazes me. This time it was to get into the Guinness World Records. You can watch both songs here and here

Shinedown have released a new song this week called Black Cadillac. It’s from their new album out on September 18, titled Threat To Survival. You can listen to it here

If you can remember them, the Zombies are releasing a new album called Still Got The Hunger. It will be out on October 9.

Praying Mantis have released a new song called Tokyo. It’s from their album, Legacy, out on August 21. You can listen to it here

The all-star supergroup, Hollywood Vampires, that includes Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Matt Sorum, Duff McKagan, and Joe Perry, just to name a few, announced some live shows to celebrate their debut album coming out September 11. Those dates are September 16 and 17 at the Roxy in Los Angeles, CA. They will then go to Brazil’s Rock In Rio on September 24. Hope they do a national tour. If you missed the clip I linked a few weeks ago, here is sample of what they would sound like along with other guests on the album: here

Bryan Adams has a new album coming out called Get Up. It will be out on October 16. He’s also touring and has a new website. Not sure what’s going on with his site, but nonetheless you can check it out. You can pre-order the album and see his site here

Wovenwar released a new single this week called Archers. It’s off their self titled debut album. You can check it out here

Last week’s Rockucation question: Who played the preacher, the pinball wizard and the priest in The Who’s movie, Tommy? Everyone got this partially right. They only got one of the characters. That being said, Eric Clapton was the Preacher, Elton John played the Pinball Wizard and Arthur Brown played the Priest.

Ironically after I posted this Rockucation question, The Who said they would be releasing a updated reissue of Tommy on September 11. It will be with the London Symphony Orchestra and special guests like Rod Stewart, Ringo Starr and Steve Winwood will be performing on it.

Motorhead have started a contest for fans to get a shot to be in their next video. You can get details here

Kobra And The Lotus released their version of Rush’s Spirit Of The Radio this week. It is part of their covers EP of Canadian rock acts. The EP is titled Words Of The Prophets, out on August 28. You can hear the song here

P.O.D. released two new songs this week from their album, The Awakening, out on August 21. The two songs are Criminal Conversations, which you can listen to here and This Goes Out To You, which you can watch here

Bullet For My Valentine released another song from their new album, Venom, out now. The track is called Playing God. You can listen to it here

Deep Purple released a video of their song, Perfect Strangers, from their DVD …..To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo).  They are also releasing From The Setting Sun…. (In Wacken), both being released on the same day, September 18. Watch Perfect Strangers here

Your PSA this week: there is something about Kurt Cobain coming out and I don’t care.

WASP released a new song this week called Last Runaway. It’s from their soon to be released album, Golgotha, out October 2. Listen to it here

Rikki Rockett is teasing this week that since Bret Michaels is doing his own thing, and doesn’t have any time for Poison, that the band will move forward without him. Singer Brandon Gibbs from Rockett’s current band, Devil City Angels, might be the guy. The rest of Poison and Rockett apparently have jammed with him and like him. Stay tuned!

You can check out my latest guest blog here

Chris Jericho (Fozzy) is teaming up with Terry Butler (Obituary) to form a supergroup called Blood Divisions with a debut EP coming out on August 28. The band also features other members from the southern Florida metal scene.

Whitesnake’s current guitarist, Joel Hoekstra, is releasing a new album from his side project, Joel Hoekstra’s 13. The new album, Dying To Live, will be out on October 16. He released a new track featuring Russell Allen (Symphony X) on vocals. The track is called Anymore. You can check it out here

Pop Evil have released the track, Ghost Of Muskegon. It’s from their album, Up, out on August 21. Check it out here

Trivium released another track from the album, Silence In The Snow, out on October 2. The song is called, Blind Leading The Blind. You can listen to it here

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The Winery Dogs are releasing their second album, Hot Streak, on October 3. Can’t wait for this one. I hope to catch them on tour as well. Get the dates here

Buckcherry is letting you stream their new album, Rock And Roll, through Pandora. You can listen to it here

Iron Maiden released Speed Of Light this week and I think this song is just killer. The album should be a real listening pleasure. The new album, The Book Of Souls, comes out on September 4th. You can watch it here

Disturbed is streaming their new album, Immortalized, before its release date of August 21, through iTunes. You can do that here.  They also announced tour dates, get those here

Tom Peterson of Cheap Trick started a Pledgemusic campaign for Autistic children. It’s called Rock Your Speech. You can learn more and get involved here

This week’s Rockucation question: What band performed the South Park theme song?

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