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Music News For The Week Of December 22, 2013!

I hope everyone has a great New Year and it is prosperous one. Don’t make any resolutions you can’t keep. If you could have one resolution for this page what would it be? I’m open to hear what you have to say. I am grateful for all your support and look forward to growing in this coming year.

Jimmy Page has stated that the new remastered releases of Led Zeppelin coming out in 2014 will have outtakes and alternative takes. Looking forward to those releases.

Aerosmith is in a battle with Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers for Massachusetts’ state song. It’s Dream On versus Roadrunner. It should be decided this week, the main difference in the songs besides style is that Roadrunner mentions Mass, Stop and Shop and Route 128. But how cool would it be if Dream On won? But lyrically I’m not sure that it fits the state.

Joe Perry announced that he would be releasing his autobiography On October 5th, 2014. It will be titled: Rocks: My Life In And Out Of Aerosmith.

Of Mice And Men released Bones Exposed from their new album, Restoring Force. It comes out January 28, 2014. You can listen to it here:

James Labrie (Dream Theater) will release a 9 song EP called I Will Not Break on January 14th, 2014.

Rush will be releasing a 40th anniversary edition of their first , Rush. This is the album that has John Rutsey on drums. The band is still developing the package.

Vintage Trouble put out their first annual mini Christmas special which features their new Christmas song Soul Noel. You can watch it here:

Jared Weeks has announced that he will be leaving Saving Abel to start a solo career and Saving Abel has replaced him with Scott Austin (Trash The Brand). It doesn’t seem like any hard feelings from either side. They both wish each other success.

Monster Magnet announced European dates for their Last Patrol tour. You can get dates here:

KISS will be releasing a series of vinyl reissues set for Spring 2014, just in time for their induction into the Rock Hall Of Fame.  Those albums are KISS, Hotter Than Hell, Alive, Destroyer, Dynasty, Unmasked, Lick It Up, Animalize, Revenge and Psycho Circus. I’m not sure why they have Destroyer in there since it just received the deluxe treatment last year.  They also skipped over Rock And Roll Over, Love Gun and Creatures Of The Night. I’m sure they will plan a second release. I hope with all these reissues that when KISS goes on their 40th anniversary, that they spruce up the set list with some songs they haven’t played in a long time from these records.

Last week’s Rockucation question was: Who is Saul Hudson and the answer comes to us from Sam Patrie of Smithfield, R.I. The answer is Slash.

The 36th Kennedy Center Honors will air tonight at 9 pm. It features Billy Joel and Carlos Santana. It will air on CBS.

Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Country Communion) will be releasing a new record in May and will feature a duet with Julian Lennon.

Iron Maiden turned something bad into a profit. They hooked up with Musicmetric. Musicmetric tracks social media and bit torrent sites.  Iron Maiden wanted to know where in the world that their music was being downloaded and plotted tours there. South America was showing them that they were rising in popularity there so they toured Brazil, Venezuela, etc and sold out multiple shows and grew in social media there. Now that’s the way to take something and make it work to your advantage. On the other hand since this story broke, Musicmetric stated they did not give Iron Maiden this info. It was referenced by the band. It was a report that showed emerging markets through social media and the bit torrent piracy sites. Either way it looks like a tool that everyone will start using.

A Day To Remember released a new video called Right Back At It Again. It is from their album Common Courtesy. You can check it out here:

Okay, here is one of my famous PSAs. I am not a fan of Fall Out Boy, nor will you see anything about them on these sacred pages. But I mention it here only because Tommy Lee makes a guest appearance in the video as the devil for Death Valley Part 8. Apparently there is a series. You can look it up on You Tube. PSA is now completed.

If you are keeping track of super groups, Phil Collen has added another one called Delta Deep which is more of a southern rock type of band. It has the current members of Manraze (his alternate rock group), which featured Paul Cook (Sex Pistols) and Simon Laffy (Girl) but has added Robert DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots) and Forrest Robinson (Toto). They also have a new singer, Debbie Blackwell-Cook.  No dates for live appearances or music releases as of yet.

In case you care department. The last remaining members of Pussy Riot have been released from the jail in Russia.

Dream Theater is giving you a holiday gift, a thank you to the fans if you will. They have put together a compilation of live songs that were not included on the Live At Luna Park release. You can listen to them here:

For the next three weeks I will be doing my radio show, Seth’s Rock Addiction. It’s back on Monday nights from 9pm to midnight. It will be on 90.3 FM or you can stream it at You know I play some great new stuff and honor the past.  Make sure you check it out.

This week’s Rockucation question is: Before Kip Winger formed Winger, what band was he in?

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