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Music News For The Week of February 1, 2015!

BlindSide Thunder have a great song out called Rock And Roll Junkie. You should check it out here: They have a new album coming out called 100 Proof out on February 16. You can learn more about them here:

Blackberry Smoke is partnering with Pandora to stream their new album before its release. The album is Holding All The Roses. The release date is February 10. You can listen to it here:

Chris Slade will be rejoining AC/DC for their Rock Or Bust tour. Phil Rudd is still dealing with his court battle for hiring a hitman and drugs.

Uli John Roth has released a new song from his current released Scorpions Revisited. The song is In Trance. You can check it out here:

Adelitas Way will be releasing a new EP on March 17. It is titled Deserve This.

Revolution Saints pre-order of their debut album has only a day or so remaining for you to order through You can get in at the wire here:

A band I absolutely love is Dirty Thrills and they have released yet another great track off their self titled debut album. This one is called Sigh.

Here is the new video from Toto. This one is called Orphan from their soon to be released album XIV out on March 20th. Check it out here:

In the news recently as a craft beer brewers are Todd Haug, guitarist, and Jeff Litke, bassist of Powermad, a speed metal band from the mid 80’s out of Minnesota. Surly Brewing is his company. You can check out and learn about the site here: The band is also working on new material as well, no release date yet but you can check out their music and more at their Reverbnation site here:

All That Remains released a new video for their album, The Order Of Things, out on February 24. This song is called This Probably Won’t End. Check it out here:

Bumblefoot is releasing a solo album on February 24. It’s called Little Brother Is Watching.

Blind Guardian have released their own Red Mirror Merlot and you can order it here:

Last week’s Rockucation question was: Because it’s the Super Bowl today, what was the first rock act to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show, and what Super Bowl was it? Here is a clue, it’s not Up With People. The answer comes to us as our first tie, both answered at the same time. They are Mick Michaels from Philadelphia, PA and Andy Khatchatrian from Los Angeles, CA. The answer is the Blues Brothers theme Super Bowl where ZZ Top played. It was Super Bowl 31, The score was Green Bay 35 New England 21.

Ernie Ball strings have announced their Floodfest line up, but better yet you can enter to win a chance to play there and get $15,000 of equipment. Learn more about it here:

Black Diamond (not a KISS tribute band), out of Seattle, WA is a pretty cool band I came across. Check out their music and let me know what you think here:

Van Halen will be releasing a double live CD on March 31st called Tokyo Dome Live In Concert. It’s from June 21, 2013. Yes, it’s the first David Lee Roth live record with Van Halen.

Journey announced Canadian tour dates here:

Manowar announced a new tour and you can get dates here:

Of Mice And Men have released a new song called Broken Generation. It’s from their soon to be released album, Restoring Force: Full Circle, out on February 24. You can check it out here:

In the In Case You Care department. The band Rage has broken up.

Down has a new song off their current EP Down IV, Part II. This is called Conjure and you can watch it here:

Incubus released Absolution Calling this week. It’s from their soon to be released EP called Trust Fall (Side A). It’s out on March 24. You can listen to it here:

Corners Of Sanctuary are utilizing Kickstarter to help them get their tour on the road. I love these guys. Please help and donate to the cause and you may be lucky enough to have them come to a local venue. Check it out and donate here:

Devour The Day are working on a new studio album, but they released a track called Faith, the title track of said album. Here it is:

Maxxxwell Carlisle will be releasing his new album Visions Of Speed And Thunder on February 20th.

Jack White’s Great White released a new lyric video called Hard Habit. You can watch it here:

Royal Blood have released 4 B-sides on Youtube, all off their self titled debut album. You can check them all out out here: They also released a single called Out Of The Black, which you can watch here:

Who cares about the Grammy’s! They don’t truly represent what we like anyway.

If you are tracking these things, Phil Collins is producing a song new with Adele.

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This week’s Rockucation question is: Queen’s Night At The Opera, and A Day At The Races were named after what?

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