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Music News For The Week Of February 15, 2015!

Drowning Pool announced new tour dates and that they are doing the Sinner album in its entirety at every show. You can get dates here:

We Are Harlot have released a new song from their self titled debut album comeing out March 31st. The song is called The One. You can watch it here:

Nickelback released a new video from their current release, No Fixed Address. It’s called Million Miles An Hour. Watch it here:

The Replacements announced tour dates and you can get them here:

In Flames released a new video for Paralyzed from their latest album, Siren Charms. You can watch it here:

The only Beck I care about is Jeff.

Faith No More played a new song called Cone Of Shame from their soon to be released album Sol Invictus, out on May 19. You can check it out here:

Bob Dylan announced tour dates, you can get them here:

Hinder have announced a Pledge Music project for their new album,When The Smoke Clears.  You can preorder it here:

Diamante has released the title track off her new EP, Dirty Blonde, out on April 7. You can check it out here:

Before The Mourning, from Los Angeles, CA, released a video for their song, Another Sleepless Night, off their debut album, Ethereal End, coming out this summer. Watch it here:

Pat Benetar announced tour dates, you can get them here:

Toto released another video off their just released album, XIV. This one is called Holy War, watch it here:

Jack White released a teaser for his interactive video of Black Bat Licorice from his current album, Lazaretto. Watch it here:

Haletstorm have released a new song, Mayhem, from their soon to be released album, Into The Wild Life, out April 14. Listen to it here:

Black Star Riders have released a new video for their song, Finest Hour. It’s from their current album, Killer Instinct. Check it out here:

Last week’s Rockucation question was: What is the common thread for all of these musicians? Kip Winger, Orianthi Panagaris, Dick Wagner, Eric Singer, Vinnie Moore, and Dennis Dunaway. The answer is from Bryan Kuntz of Chaska, MN. All of these musicians were in Alice Cooper at one time or another.

Kid Rock has announced his $20 First Kiss tour dates with Foreigner as the opening act. You can get dates here:

Slash announced a Spring tour, get dates here:

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson was recently diagnosed with cancer. He has a tumor on the back of his tongue. He is going through treatment and is expected to have a full recovery.

Supergroup Revolution Saints have released another video called Here Forever off of their self titled debut album coming out February 24th. Watch it here:

Boston have announced a tour, get dates here:

Ian Anderson is planning a Jethro Tull Rock Opera Tour. It will tell the story of the real Jethro Tull. It will feature rewritten lyrics to songs to better tell the tale of Jethro Tull. It sounds like the tour will start in September, in the U.K.

Record Store Day is April 18 as previously mentioned but here is the link to participating stores: Make sure you check it out, because there are a lot of special releases that day.

Speaking of Record Store Day, Slayer will be releasing a limited edition new track called When The Stillness Comes.

The Darkness have released a 5 second teaser from their song Barbarian, off their soon to be released album, Cliffhanger. No release date yet but you can listen to the teaser here:

Raven will be releasing a new album called ExtermiNation on April 22nd.

Steve Vai has a new 2CD/2DVD set coming out on April 7. It’s called Stillness In Motion-Vai Live In L.A. You can watch a preview here:

Queensryche have announced tour dates, get them here:

Moonspell, out of Portugal, have released a new lyric video for their song, Breathe (Until We Are No More). It’s from their new album, Extinct coming out March 17. Watch it here:

The Foo Fighters will be releasing Sonic Highways on DVD. It will contain bonus footage that wasn’t seen on the HBO mini series. It comes out April 7.

Prong released a teaser for their new covers album, Songs From The Black Hole, coming out on March 25th.  Listen to it here:

The Hollywood Vampires, who are they, you ask? They are a new supergroup. Truly a supergroup because you know all of them in this trio: Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp. Yes, Johnny Depp. If you didn’t know, Depp was a aspiring musician before he hit it big with the movies. He also recently worked with Perry on his Christmas EP, and others, the likes of Marilyn Manson, etc.  Anyway, there is a little history about the name. It was given to Cooper, members of The Doors, Hendrix, The Who and The Beatles. They all used to meet for drinks back in the 70’s in L.A. They will be playing their first show at the Rock In Rio Festival in September. Nothing mentioned about who is filling out the rest of the band.

The Download Festival has announced its line up, get the info here:

Rob Zombie will be releasing a new live album on February 24. It is titled Spookshow International Live. He has released a live video from it called Ging Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga. You can watch it here

Love Cream, a band out of Australia, have a new song called Let’s Spend The Night Together. It’s from their debut album, First Taste. Check it out here as I think you will like this one:

Scott Weiland And The Wildabouts released a new video, Way She Moves and Hot Rio. It’s from their soon to be released self titled debut album coming out on March 31st. Check out the song here;

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Stone Temple Pilots announced a tour. Get dates here:

Tank will be releasing a new album called Valley Of Tears. It comes out in June.

You can stream All That Reamins’ new album, The Order Of Things, for free here:

Of Mice And Men have released a new song called Never Giving Up, from their soon to be released album, Restoring Force: Full Circle, coming out on February 24. Listen to it here:

This week’s Rockucation question is: Who was born Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt?

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