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Music News For The Week Of February 23, 2014!

April 19 is Record Store Day and through the upcoming weeks you will be seeing lots of posts about special releases (mostly vinyl) that various bands and artists will be doing that day. If you don’t know of any local record shops, I suggest you try and find one, just for that alone.

Slash has a new webseries for his making of his current album. It’s called Slash Real To Reel, Here is part one:

Rob Zombie has teamed up with American Psycho Author Bret Easton Ellis to do a TV mini series on the Manson family murders. No other news as far as when it will be aired.

Cage The Gods debut album Badlands comes out March 25th. Here is the title track for you to listen to:

Motley Crue have added dates to their Farewell Tour. I suggest you check that periodically if you want to catch them more than once. Here is the link to all their current dates:

Soundgarden has announced a special 20th anniversary reissue of Superunknown. This is getting the royal treatment and should make Soundgarden fans all giddy inside. There are two deluxe version coming out on June 6. Also,  a Superunknown singles limited vinyl edition will be released on April 19 for Record Store Day. There is a lot of detail to these compilations, so I have put a link into their site so you can check them out yourself, I just don’t have that much space to give to it. Here is their site:

As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis has pleaded guilty to hiring someone to kill his wife. He faces 9 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Iggy Pop will have his own radio show on the BBC, it will air 4 to 6 pm every Sunday starting in March. It is on the BBC 6 Music.

Bob Dylan has a new compilation coming out on March 25th called Bob Dylan In The Eighties Volume 1. Here is Slash who recorded a song for it with Aaron Freeman known as Wiggle Wiggle. You can hear it here:

Rikki Rockett (drummer for Poison) is claiming there is one person causing them not to tour this summer. He doesn’t name him but a lot of people seem to think it’s Brett Michaels, who ironically is probably bigger than Poison is right now. Michaels is the one everyone is pointing to because of all his so called Hollywood projects. I guess every rose does have its thorn.

In the ongoing saga of Ritchie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi. Sambora recently took a shot saying that the band isn’t the band without him. Would Mick Jagger continue the Stones without Keith Richards? Well, I wouldn’t quite compare the two. Jon basically had everything lined up and all he had to do was step in. Since the band has toured without him in recent years, I guess it’s a moot point.  Jon is basically telling Samobora to have a nice day!

Deep Purple seems to be releasing all kinds of deluxe versions of their records lately and here is another one. This time it’s their live album Made In Japan. It will have all the bells and whistles one could hope. Look for it on May 19.

Last  week’s Rockucation question was: What band did Slash try out for and later turned down to form Guns And Roses? The correct answer comes to us from Rich Aubin of Jackson, NJ. The answer was Poison.

Supergroup Down have announced they are releasing another EP called Down IV. Due out May 19. It will also be followed up with a tour. You can get dates here:

Green Day will be releasing a special vinyl record on April 19 (Record Store Day), called Demolicious. Featuring demos from Uno, Dos and Tres albums they recently put out.

Asia released a new video called Valkyrie from their current album Gravitas. You can watch it here:

Vandenberg’s Moonkings released their second video from their debut album, this one is called Lust And Lies. You can watch it here:

Of Mice And Men have released Bones Exposed off of their record Restoring Force. You can watch it here:

Rod Stewart and Carlos Santana teamed up for a U.S. tour, you can get dates here:

Red Dragon Cartel have released Shout It Out from their debut album. You can watch it here:

Bruce Springsteen will be releasing a 4 song vinyl  EP called American Beauty on April 19, you know, Record Store Day.

Devildriver released a new lyric video for the song Sail off of their album Winter Kills album. You can watch it here:

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood released a track called Shore Power off of their soon to be released album, Phosphorescent Harvest, due on April 29. You can hear it here:

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Finally, this week’s Rockucation question is: This band’s name stand for how they want their music to be a mechanism to aid in understanding lachrymology. It is also been said it is what they refer to as a woman’s vibrator, depending on what interview you read. They were based out of Los Angeles in 1990. What is the band’s name?

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