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Music News For The Week Of February 25, 2015!

The Offspring have released a new video and song called Coming For You. No album details, except it will be out later this year. Check out the track here:

Kid Rock released Jesus And Bocephus, off of his current album out now, First Kiss. You can listen to it here:

Alice Cooper will be offering a pay per view event on February 12. Check out the trailer here:

Iron Maiden’s Dave Murray has his own line of Fender guitars coming out. Get the details here:

Speaking of Iron Maiden, they areI releasing limited edition skateboards with Backstreet Merch. You can buy them and other cool rock memorbilia here:

Sammy Hagar will be starting his own radio show called Sammy Hagar’s Top Rock Countdown. It will be a 2 hour show. It will be out in the Spring. You can hear him tell you about it here:

Def Leppard have released some tour dates for 2015, get them here: They are also rumored to be working with Mutt Lange again to produce the new album. You know when that happens, it’s magic for them. Waiting to hear that record.

Mark Knopfler has announced tour dates for his soon to be released Tracker album out on March 17. Get dates here:

KISS have released a trailer for their KISS 40 CD set for Japan only. It differs from the American version. It features their collaboration with Momoiro Clover 7, Samurai Son. Out on January 28, it will have a limited edition DVD as well. You can watch the trailer here:

Voivod released a new video for their soon to be released album, At The Gates, out on April 7th. This song is We Are Connected. You can watch it here:

Faith No More have announced tour dates, you can get them here:

Slayer have partnered with Converse for Slayer inspired sneakers, you can get them here:|Google|Brand-Core|converses

So the Megadeth drama continues, various ex-members say they wouldn’t mind being asked to come back, yet this week Dave Mustaine said that the fans don’t want them in the band. I would guess if you want Friedman or Broderick back in the band, etc, you may want to let him know. Anyway, Megadeth goes into the studio in March.

Last week’s Rockucation question was:  What do all these songs have in common? Rage Against The Machine’s Maggie’s Farm; Pearl Jam’s Masters Of War; The Byrds’ Mr. Tambourine Man; Jimi Hendrix’s All Along The Watchtower; Grateful Dead’s Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues; Billy Joel’s To Make You Feel My Love; Tom Petty’s License To Kill; Guns And Roses’ Knocking At Heaven’s Door; and Bruce Springsteen’s Chimes Of Freedom. The answer comes to us from Buddy Denomme of North Smithfield, RI. The answer is they are all Bob Dylan covered songs.

Corners Of Sanctuary are utilizing Kickstarter to help them get their tour on the road. I love these guys. Please help and donate to the cause and you may be lucky enough to have them come to a local venue. Check it out and donate here:

I came across this band this week. I thought they were pretty good. This is High Fighter, the song is 2steps Blueskill, off their debut album, The Goat Ritual. An album name like that, you know they have to be pretty cool. Check out the song here:

UFO released a teaser video off their soon to be released album, A Conspiracy Of Stars. It comes out March 3rd. You can check it out here:

As you saw last Wednesday, and now going forward, every Wednesday you will see a new interview with me and a rock group or artist. Please give me feedback on them. Also, let’s help support them as well. Buy their music, see their shows and keep the rock experience going!

In case you were interested in the star studded affair for the tribute to Mad Season, you can watch it here:

Blind Guardian released another trailer for Beyond The Red Mirror out on Tuesday, February 3rd. Watch it here:

Your PSA for the week, former Wasp guitarist Chris Holmes released a video. That is all.

Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp announced the Metal Fantasy lineup for March 26-29. You can get details here:

Thunder is offering a signed postcard (limited time), for any pre-orders on their Wonder Days album. You can do that here:

Dee Snider has a new album coming out in March, called Rock And Roll Ain’t Dead- Dee Snider Essentials 1983-2015. It will be from all the bands he was in, from Twisted Sister to Dee doing Broadway, plus three new songs.

I now have a guest blog on this site You can check the blogs and the site by clicking the button on the top right of this page, and it will take you right to

Y&T are using Kickstarter to launch a documentary about them. You can get details and donate here:

Soto released a trailer about their debut album, Inside The Vertigo. Watch it here:

Incubus will be debuting their new single, Absolution Calling, on February 5th. The band will be releasing two EPs this year. No further details are available.

Slipknot released a live version of Custer, exclusively on their Facebook page. You can check it out here:

VH1 will begin a new series on February 21, called Rock Icons. Check out the trailer here:

Richards/Crane will be releasing a new song called Black & White, featuring Myles Kennedy, coming out soon. Check out the trailer here:

Another band I want you to check out, trust me you won’t be disappointed, is Wake The Sun and the song is Wicked Souls. Check them out here:

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This week’s Rockucation question is: Because it’s the Super Bowl today, what was the first rock act to perform at the super bowl halftime show, and what super bowl was it? Here is a clue, it’s not Up With People.

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