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Music News For The Week Of July 1 , 2013!

This is Ghost (or Ghost B.C. here in the States) from their Infestissumam cd. They are not as well known in the U.S. as they are in other parts of the world but starting to get a foothold here.  You can learn more about them at their web site: Definitely worth checking out!

Three Days Grace is holding a contest for the fans to make a video for Misery Loves My Company. The winner gets $5000. Contest ends July 22. Get details here:

Steve Hunter (Alice Cooper, David Lee Roth, etc), has released an album called The Manhattan Blues Project. It features appearances by Johnny Depp (since when has he become rocker?), Joe Perry and Marty Freidman among others. It’s out now if you want to check it out.

Megadeth released another awesome video, this one is the title track Super Collider. Watch it here;

A new band that came out of the 40th Anniversary tribute album for KISS, called A World With Heroes (which you can purchase here:  The band called A.L.I.V.E.  came together out of their love of 70’s era KISS. They will tour and do KISS Alive and KISS Alive II songs. The members are Rex Brown (Pantera), Bumblefoot (Guns And Roses), Brian Tichy (Whitesnake) and Mark Zavin (Kill Devil Hill).  You can hear snippets at their Facebook page here:

Alice Cooper added Summer Tour Terror dates. You can get them here:

Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God) is getting ready to publish a memoir about his year in hell, with the trial he was in. He was acquitted of the murder of Dan Nosek. No dates given yet.

Last week’s Rockucation question was: What band did Brian Johnson of AC/DC sing with before joining them? The answer comes to us from Kamran Khan of Seekonk, MA. It was Geordie.

King Cobra have reunited and they have a new album called King Kobra 2 coming out and here is a new video from them called Have A Good Time. Check it out here:

Pearl Jam will have a big announcement on July 8. My guess is a new single for a new album and tour. You heard it here first.

Here is the new video from Five Finger Death Punch featuring Rob Halford. It’s called Lift Me Up:

Sammy Hagar has announced tour dates with opening act Rival Sons, on 14 of those dates. Get dates here:

Andy Summers (Police) and Rob Giles (The Rescues) have formed a new band called Circa Zero.  Their first live performance will be July 25th at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles. Album will be out early next year.

Here is the latest video from Airbourne called No One Fits off their Black Dog Barking cd:

So if you were a fan of the band Eden and you were wondering what happened to them, they are still around. But they are looking for a singer and a bass player or one and the same. Here is how you can find out more, straight from their FB page:  you’re a musician yourself, hit us up anytime at 952-367-6088 or here on facebook, and we’ll get in touch! Now try out already.

In case you care, Danny Carey of Tool is releasing a side project called Volto. It comes out July 23rd. Here is the song Grip It, which I really like:

Jethro Tull has announced tour dates and a new web site, so check them both out here:

Ok, I am asking everyone to please share my website with anyone and everyone they know. Some of you have had taken advantage of the subscription service that I offer, which is great, I hope to see that grow. I also would love to see people hitting the “like” button on the Facebook icon (to the right) designed for this report. The same for Twitter and Google+. I give updates during the week and offer other commentary. Please help me out with this and help the site get out to the masses.  Thanks for your support. Something this good shouldn’t be kept a secret.

This week’s Rockucation question is: What was the name of the song and the comedy team that Geddy Lee of Rush recorded with?

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