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Music News For The Week Of June 16, 2013!

James Labrie of Dream Theater released a track from his solo album Impermanent Resonance. This is Agony: >

You can stream the new Queensryche album (the one with Todd La Torre here:

As discussed here Serj Tankian hasn’t had time for System Of A Down. If you were wondering what he was doing, this may clear that up, or maybe not. This is one of his side projects called Revolution Harmony. This one is called We are and the band also features Devon Townsend. Let me know your thoughts on this one. Check it out here:

Motorhead announced they will be releasing a album this year. The name of it will be Aftershock!

Here is a all female group called the Heliotropes. They sort of remind me of the Binges. Check them out here:

If you can remember during the American Idol stint that Steven Tyler had, we discussed his want to brand himself etc, while he was still stating he was very much part of the Aerosmith family. Well he is working on a solo album and plans to release some time between January and March of 2014. He wants to do some different things and take risks. I thought he could still do that with Aerosmith since he risks falling off the stage every night. Yes I had to go there.

New Stone Sour video out for Uncanny Valley, check it out here:

Last weeks Rockucation question was: The Rolling Stones tongue emblem appeared first on what album and who designed it? The answer is Sticky Fingers and Andy Warhol. This weeks answer comes from Rich Aubin, of Jackson, NJ.

Andy Copping, the promoter for the Download Festival, claims he is still trying to get the original Guns and Roses line up and a Led Zep reunion over the next couple of years. He says never to rule out anything. He also has most of the acts booked for next year, but isn’t revealing who they are. I don’t usually post things like this, but I thought it interesting that some promoters are still trying to make things happen for either of these bands. Robert Plant has hinted that he has nothing planned for 2014.

You know you should be been tuning in on my show on Monday nights from 9 pm to Midnight on 90.3 FM on WRIU? A show called Seth’s Rock Addiction! I platy 3 hours of new, old and deep cuts, come on and get your rock fix and tell your friends about it. You can also stream it right here:“>

Here is a song by The Quill, it’s called Freak Parade. I think you should check them out, you know there is a lot of good new rock there and this just proves it. Check it out here:

Everyone knows how much I love Vintage Trouble! Here they are again with Booker T on his album Sound The Alarm. This track is Your Love Is No Love. You can hear it here;

According to Lamb Of God’s drummer Chris Adler, the trial of their singer Randy Blythe, has bankrupted the band. During the trial the band couldn’t do anything and hence no income coming in and incurred legal fees etc and more bills. The band just finished touring the states and now is going overseas to do festivals. They are trying to make money and pay off these debts. Let’s see if the band saves itself.

I just wanted to remind everyone that they should participate in my poll. It ends in another week. Please vote!

You can stream Amon Amarth’s new album Deceiver Of The Gods here:

In case you care dept. John Densmore and Robby Kreiger have put aside their feud to reunite and perform or celebrate Ray Manzarek’s life. No dates have been announced.

U.D.O. Dirkdchneider (former singer of Accept), released a ballad believe it or not from his Steelhammer CD. You might even like him singing this one. It’s called Heavy Rain, check it out here:

Slayer has stated that they will probably continue on without Jeff Hanneman (he passed away from a insect bite that contained a flesh eating disease called Necrotizing Fasciitis). There also has been talk of him dying from alcohol. Believe what you want, either way he is dead.No details if they have a replacement or if they will really move on.

These weeks Rockucation question is: Which band had Ticketmaster investigated for antitrust laws for their service fees. Time magazine labeled it as the “Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Holy War. This band actually cancelled their summer tour because of it. But later would cave in and use their services for tours there after.

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