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Music News For The Week Of June 2, 2013

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Ugly Kid Joe and Skid Row announced they will tour together, starting in Europe. Here are the dates so far:

Nine Inch Nails released a track this week called Came Back Haunted. It’s from their up and coming album, Hesitation Marks, on September 3rd, 2013. You can hear the song here:

In other Nine Inch Nails news, Guitarist Andrew Belew left the band. He left on good terms, just that it was not working out.

You can listen to the new Black Sabbath album, 13, for free on iTunes, make sure you hit view in iTunes and you can hear it. It comes out this Tuesday, June 11th. The band is also saying this may not be their last record either, maybe there is hope for Bill Ward to come back into the fold.

Queensryche, the Geoff Tate version, has released a new song called Fallout. You can hear it here:

Mike Portnoy quit Adrenaline Mob. The good news is that he can now focus on the Winery Dogs and I look forward to the new album and tour.

Andrew Stockdale, who has disbanded Wolfmother, has a new solo album coming out but you can stream it here for free. This is from his new album, Keep Moving, out on June 10th. You can stream it here:

Did I tell you that I had a 12 week gig on Monday nights from 9 pm to Midnight on 90.3 FM on WRIU? A show called Seth’s Rock Addiction! You can also stream it right here: I thought I did mention it but I just wanted to make sure.

Traci Guns’ new record with his new band, Traci Guns League Of Gentlemen, has released samples of his album for you to hear. You do that here:

Last week’s Rockucation question was: What song did Neil Young sing that offended Lynyrd Skynyrd and name the song that they made a point to say it? The answer comes from Andrew Stephens from North Kingstown, RI. Neil Young sang Southern Man and it was a slam towards the people of the South. Lynyrd Skynyrd took offense and took him to task in Sweet Home Alabama, with “I hope Neil Young will remember, A Southern Man don’t need him around, anyhow.”

If you’re looking for something a little different, you might want to check out a band out of Boston called A Loss For Words. You can find out more about them at their website: or watch their latest video. Pirouette here;

Steve Perry of Journey fame, has been diagnosed with skin cancer and has gone through some successful treatments and we wish him well. But I think this will just be another reason to delay the record he has been promising or any kind of tour. Don’t even think of a reunion tour at this point. Maybe a one off show. But that’s it.

Skillet has released a new song called Sick Of It. Their new album, Rise, will be out on June 25th. Here is the official video for the song:

For those of you who checked out Eden last week: they want you to know that even though their web site is under construction you can keep current with them on Facebook. Here is their link:

Metallica surprised everyone at the Orion Festival by appearing as the band Dehaan and playing the complete Kill ’em All album. It’s something they have done in the past under various names. You should follow the members on Twitter because one of them tweeted to check this band out before they went on stage. What we learn from this is if you see a member of the band tweeting about a band you never heard of, you might want to check them out because it could be them!

For those of you waiting for a System Of A Down record, you will have to continue waiting. Serj Tankian has said he doesn’t have time for one right now. Eventually but not now. He plans on releasing two albums, one in June and one in July as well as tour them.

Aerosmith released the trailer for their up and coming DVD, Rock For The Rising Sun. You can watch it here:

In case you missed it: I have a Facebook page on which I place news bits and thoughts daily as well as Twitter and those two accounts are here:“><ahref=””>“>

This weeks Rockucation question is: In the years between 1984 through 1986 this band had a picture of a President stamped on the tickets for the tapers of their shows. According to the band, this president was the king of the tapers. What band was it that allowed fans to tape their show and had an area set up at their sound board just for them and what president was stamped on their ticket?

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