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Music News For The Week Of June 23, 2013!

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As you know Robert Plant is on tour with The Sensational Space Shifters. What you may not know is he is playing Zep tunes and his solo stuff. It may be a different arrangement, but it’s still a Zep song or one of his own. He finally seems to be embracing his legacy. Hopefully this will lead to a Zep reunion, but if not at least you can catch him singing some of the songs now. Because I am a good guy, here is his where you can find his tour dates:

Consider this a PSA. Blondie is on tour. PSA’s on this site means you do the leg work because I don’t care about them, but I know some of you do, so I make you aware. The rest is up to you.

Ben Shepard of Soundgarden has announced he will be releasing his debut solo album on August 27th called; In Deep Owl. Yes that is how it is written. Don’t know what it means or what it is a reference too, but there you go.

Jeff Lyne of The Move and Electric Light Orchestra fame will be getting a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2014.

No surprise here; U2 did a Beatlesque roof top acoustic performance of Sunday Bloody Sunday, speaking about protest songs and his One Campaign charity. You can watch it here:

Last week’s Rockucation question was: Which band had Ticketmaster investigated for antitrust laws for their service fees. Time magazine labeled it as the “Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Holy War. This band actually cancelled their summer tour because of it. But later would cave in and use their services for tours there after. The answer was Pearl Jam. The answer was given by Evan Portno of Coventry, RI.

I know a lot of you probably didn’t see this and I don’t usually post these types of things, but I think it was great and very funny so I thought I would share (and you will probably do the same). This is Dave Mustaine of Megadeth doing his take on Gentleman’s Wearhouse commercials;

Black Sabbath has announced that Andrew W.K. is going to open up for them on the North American leg of the tour.

Please notice the new poll that is up. Now I’m sure I didn’t cover everyone’s favorite front man, but I did give you 30 to chose from. If you feel someone is missed, email me if I get enough emails I will put them on the list and let everyone know on my next post.

NIN released a video this week for Come Back Haunted. You can watch it here:

As we continue to the world of super groups, we have another one.The Rides.  This one consists of Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Stephen Stills and Barry Goldberg. You can check out their new song Don’t Want Lies here;

Here is something I think everyone should participate in. Put your name on this petition. If there was anyone worthy of a stamp, it is Les Paul. Do your part and support this effort. You can do that here;

KISS released the lyric video for their new song Right Here, Right Now. The only thing is if you bought the record at a store you didn’t get it. It was inly available on ITunes. It also does a good job showcasing what their current show is like. You can watch it here:

Lemmy is better than most people had heard through the rumor mill. Motorhead has stated he is doing fine and will be on the road soon.

Avenged Sevenfold has set the release date of August 27th for their new album; Hail To The King. If you are in the Hollywood area, the band is doing a free album release party the day before at the Palladium.

The KROCK festival tickets are on sale now for the July 27th show in Syracuse, NY. Here is the link to get the list of bands performing;

Sammy Hagar has a new album coming out on September 24th called Sammy Hagar And Friends. It has various guests on it so it will be worth checking out. Guests on it at the moment, I’ll make this easier for you; the rest of Chickenfoot, the living members of Montrose, Neal Schon, Kid Rock and others.

I have been asked many times how you can get more news when it happens. The answer is simple. On the right side of this page you can like my Facebook page where I post regularly, or you can follow me on Twitter, again the link is on the right side of this page. You can do the same with Google Plus. You can also subscribe to the site where you get it as soon as it comes out. All I ask is they you get your friends and family to do the same and share it. Thank you for your ongoing support.

This weeks Rockucation question is; What band did Brian Johnson of AC/DC sing with before joining them?

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