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Music News For The Week Of June 29, 2015!

Big news this week, bassist Chris Squire passed away at the age of 67. He passed of Leukemia. He will be missed, one of the true innovators of progressive rock. RIP, Chris!

AC/DC have now joined various streaming services and you can listen to their whole catalog. You can check them out here:

Delta Deep, Phil Collen’s (Def Leppard) new side project, released an album sampler that you can check out here:

Journey’s drummer, Deen Castronovo, was high on an overdose of meth, when he assaulted a woman. He has made bail. No word on when he gets back on tour, etc.

Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) has released a new signature Epiphone Guitar. You can let him tell you about it here:

Stryper have released samples of their new album, Fallen, out on October 16. Check it out here:

Here is a PSA for you. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith released a video for his country song off of his country album. The song is Love Is Your Name.

Anthrax have a new bourbon out. You can purchase it here:

Soilwork released a teaser of their soon to be released album, The Ride Majestic. Out on August 28. You can check out the snippet here:

Kataklysm released new audio for the song called The Black Sheep. It’s from their soon to be released album, Of Ghosts And Ghosts, out on July 31. You can listen to it here:

The Sword have released the title track of their new album, High Country, coming out on August 21. You can check it out here:

Five Finger Death Punch have released Jekyll And Hyde. It’s from their forthcoming album, Got Your Six, out on August 28. Check it out here:

You can check out my latest guest blog here:

Rob Zombie has a pinball machine coming out in January of 2016.  You can hear him tell you about it here:

Geoff Tate’s Operation: Mindcrime will be releasing a new album called The Key. It comes out on September 18. He released a trailer for the new record which you can listen to here:

Last week’s Rockucation question was: Brian Eno’s album, Before And After Science, paid tribute to a band he produced. The song is King’s Lead Hat. It’s an anagram for that band. Who is it? The answer comes to us from Ronald R. Lariviere, from North Providence, RI. The answer is The Talking Heads.

Alice Cooper is back in comic books. He will be battling Chaos. You can learn more about it and order it here:

Soulfly released a lyric video for their new song, We Sold Our Souls To Metal. The album Archangel comes out on August 14. Check it out here:

Lamb Of God released a new video called Overlord. It’s from their current album VII: Sturm Und Drang. You can check it out here:

Cradle Of Filth has a new album coming out on July 10, called Hammer Of The Witches. They released the track, Enshrined In Crematoria. You can listen to it here:

Steve Harris has released a new song from his current solo album, British Lion. The song is called Eyes Of The Young. You can watch it here:

Just wanted to give a shout out to the the Grateful Dead for 50 years of great music and a legacy that many American bands can’t match. Hats off to them for ending it this weekend. They still sell out stadiums and of course could have probably sold out more shows. But they ended it their way and finally brought closure to all their fans. Don’t worry though, if you didn’t catch them or watch it it on pay per view. I’m pretty sure they will release a DVD set to ensure you can.

Bullet For My Valentine have released the official video for their song, You Want A Battle? (Here’s A War). It’s from their forthcoming album, Venom, out on August 14. You can check it out here:

The Diemonds released a new lyric video this week called Over it from their soon to be released album, Never Wanna Die. Watch it here:

Here’s a track from Supergroup Saint Asonia, featuring Three Days Grace’s former frontman, Adam Gontier and Staind guitarist Mike Mushok. I think this track is fantastic and really getting excited about their debut album coming out July 31. If you pre-order the album, you get the debut single Better Place. You can pre-order it and explore the band’s site here: Check out the video for Blow Me Wide Open here:

Here’s a sneak peak of Slash in the Miss Bang Bang, Punch Drunk Lover:

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Shinedown released a new single called Cut The Chord. It’s for an as of yet untitled album that will be out later this year. Check it out here:

Joe Satriani debuted a web series called Behind The Album. It will be about his album, Shockwave Supernova, out on July 24th. Here is the first one:

The Rolling Stones have a exhibit going on in London, England. It debuts this coming Spring. You can get tickets and more info here:

Led Zeppelin released the trailer for the unboxing of their newly remastered album, In Through The Outdoor, as part of their remastered series. It’s out in July 31st. You can watch it here:

Judas Priest announced a U.K. Tour. Get the dates here:

The Who released on DVD, Live At Shea Stadium 1982, out this week. Here is Behind Blue Eyes from it:

If you are looking for a quick way to explore some bands you may or may not know, you might want to check out this compilation album from Japan, put out by Breath Fresher webzine. It features 30 bands from all over the world. You can download it for free here:

This week’s Rockucation question: What album from Iron Maiden had hidden messages on the cover. The messages were, Indiana Jones Was Here, A Mickey Mouse Drawing and Bollocks. Name the album.

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