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Music News For The Week Of March 11, 2013!

Ted Nugent is stating that after this tour he will be in the studio with Derek St. Holmes and make another album. I, for one, will look forward to it. His last album was Love Grenade in 2007.

Clive Burr, the original drummer for Iron Maiden passed at the age of 56 from Multiple Sclerosis. He played on Iron Maiden, Killers, and The Number of the Beast. It is a sad loss.

Clutch has a new video out for Crucial Velocity for their up and coming album Earth Rocker. You can watch it here:

Airbourne will be releasing Black Dog Barking on May 21st.

I’m a little disappointed that Alice Cooper is planning a Covers record in 2014 with producer Bob Ezrin. I would prefer a new studio album with one cover on it. I am not a fan of whole cover albums by artists as most of you know. Let’s just hope it stays in the planning stage.

Last week’s Rockucation question was: Name the song from these lyrics, the band and the album it is from. The lyrics: I’m a man of wealth and taste, I’ve been around for a long, long year, Stole many a man’s soul and faith And I was ’round when Jesus Christ, Had his moment of doubt and pain, Made damn sure that Pilate, Washed his hands and sealed his fate. The answer comes to you from Kamran Khan of Seekonk, MA. The song is Sympathy For The Devil, The Rolling Stones and it’s from Beggar’s Banquet.

Heart has announced the Heartbreaker tour. What makes it interesting is that Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience will be opening. I have seen Bonham’s Zep experience and it’s a nice tribute to Led Zep. But the kicker in this tour is that both bands will close out the show together for a half hour set of Led Zep tunes. You get the bloodline with Bonham and two huge fans of Zep (Heart, who have recorded covers of Led Zep in their past) doing Zeppelin with a little Heart thrown in the mix. You can get dates here:

In case you didn’t realize it, this is Bon Jovi’s 30th anniversary.

If you want to hear Anthrax’s version of Boston’s Smokin, (and other tracks) you can do that here:

Slash is running a Slash Cover Contest for the song Anastasia. You can enter and get details here:

Check out this band; Heaven And Earth. They have a new video for their up and coming album Dig. They are reminiscent of Deep Purple. The new album will be out April 23. Watch it here:

Eddie Van Halen will be performing guitar on the new LL Cool J album. Rumor has it that Tom Morello will be on it. Eddie is supposed to play two tracks on it. No release date or which songs he plays on. But the name of the record is Authentic.

Guitarist Peter Banks and founder of Yes has died. He was 65.

Black Sabbath will be releasing their new record “13” on June 11. It will come in several versions. Standard CD format, Deluxe, a double CD (the second is bonus of audio), Vinyl and Super Deluxe which includes all of the above, a DVD, exclusive photos and hand written lyrics.

Megadeth finished recording Super Collider. No release date yet.

The rumor is that David Bowie will probably tour his new record, The Next Day. I personally would like to know what the setlist would be, before I go and see him. Legend or not. I’m not sure I could sit through his last few ventures in music. That being said and he isn’t doing any classic stuff like, Major Tom or Ziggy Stardust then I hope it’s just a rumor.

Joe Bonamassa is supposedly done with Black Country Communion. It was good while it lasted. I wish I could have seen them.

Phish have announced a summer tour. You can get dates here:

The Eagles documentary “History Of The Eagles” will be on April 30th on DVD and Blue Ray.

Which one of these rock stars wasn’t part of what has become known as the 27 club of rock stars who died at the age of 27:

Brian Jones (Rolling Stones) Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin Marc Bolan (T.Rex) Pete Ham (Badfinger) Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) Jim Morrison (The Doors)

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