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Music News For The Week Of March 23, 2014!

Gwar singer Oderus Urungus, aka Dave Brockie, was found dead at the age of 50 in his Virginia home. No cause of death has been noted. RIP.

Wolfmother has released a new record called New Crown. You can listen and purchase it here:

Five Finger Death Punch released the House Of The Rising Sun video. It’s off their current release, The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume 2. It’s pretty awesome. Watch it here:

Chrissie Hynde’s new solo album Stockholm comes out on June 9th. But you can hear the new single, Dark Sunglasses, here:

Metallica released a track for the Ronnie James Dio tribute album. The record comes out April 1st. This is called Ronnie Rising Melody and you can hear it here:

Yes have announced a world tour and that they will be playing three albums in their entirety. Those albums are The Yes Album, Fragile, and Going For The One. You can get dates here:

Daughtry, Goo Goo Dolls and The Plain White T’s are touring together. Get dates here:

Great White (non Jack Russel version) released a new video called Complicated from their most recent record, Elation. You can watch it here:

Motorhead have released a lyric video for the song Crying Shame from their Aftershock album. You can watch it here:

Slash has released Real To Reel Part 5 this week. You can watch it here:

Nazareth just announced a Canadian tour with their new lead singer, Linton Osbourne. You can get dates here:

John Paul Jones (Led Zep, in case you forgotten), has a new band out called Minibus Pimps and this is the first song they released. It’s called Superbolt. You can listen to it here:

Lynyrd Skynyrd added more tour dates. You can get them here:

Ace Frehley announced his new record will be called Space Invader and it will have a cover of Steve Miller Band’s The Joker. It comes out on June 24th. I can’t wait for that one. In my book it’s 5 years too late since his last release Anamoly in 2009. It’s about time.

Fleetwood Mac announced a new tour featuring Christine McVie. Get your dates here:

Last week’s Rockucation question was:  After the Yardbrids, Jimmy Page was forming Led Zeppelin. Who was his first choice for vocals. It wasn’t Robert Plant, but this person who turned him down recommended Robert Plant. This singer was also approached by Deep Purple to replace Rod Evans and he said no to them as well, hence Ian Gillan got his shot. Who was this singer? No answer this week. The correct answer was Terry Reid. If you don’t know who he is, you can find out about him here;

Tom Petty announced that he will have a new 11 track album out this summer called Hypnotic Eye.

Winger released another video for their up and coming album, Better Days Are Comin’. This one is called Midnight Driver Of A Love Machine:

Let me make myself very clear, the only Beck that will be written about, and the only one that matters, on these pages is Jeff Beck. Do we understand each other? Good.

Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) has released a new wine titled Symphony Interrupted. You can purchase it here:

Shinedown has released a new video from their recent record, Amaryllis, called Through The Night. You can watch it here:

Avenged Sevenfold will be re-releasing their album, Waking The Fallen, sometime before Christmas. It will feature bonus material and a DVD.

This is just a PSA, Toto and Michael McDonald have teamed up for America’s most boring tour. That’s it, it’s all I got.

Corey Taylor covered Rainbow’s In The Dark by Dio for the Dio tribute album that is out now called This Is Your Life. Hear it here:

Not sure what Sammy Hagar is thinking here, but he and Joe Satriani are looking to make a blues trio. What happened to Chickenfoot???

As stated in earlier reports, Rush is releasing Rush Rediscovered on April 15. Here is the trailer for it:

Devo will be doing a short tour this year in honor of the passing member, drummer BoB Casale. A portion of the proceeds will go to help the Casale family to pay off some of his debt. They will release on Record Store Day (April 19). You can get that info and dates here:

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This week’s Rockucation question is: This drummer came from behind the kit, to front the band he was in after the singer left. He also played drums, recorded and toured with Eric Clapton and Robert Plant. He did all this and many other projects, while also having a successful solo career as well. What is his name and what band was he in?

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