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Music News For The Week Of May 4, 2014

This week was a slow news week, my friends. But maybe you explore the rest of the site while you are here!

The Screaming Eagles ( a band I have been telling you about for a while now), have released a new video off their debut album, From The Flames. This is the opening track, All The Way, and let me tell you these guys from Ireland know how to rock. Check it out here:

Five Finger Death Punch and Volbeat announced a co-headlining fall tour. You can get dates here:

Metallica plan to have a new album out in September.

Suicide Silence has released a new track for their up and coming album, You Can’t Stop Me, out on July 15. This song is called Cease To Exist and you can check out the lyric video here:

Just in case you were wondering Jimmy Page has lots of material and is planning a solo record. He also plans to re-release his autobiography. It will be out in October, for about $40.

Supergroup Down released a track for streaming called, We Knew Him Well. You can listen to it here:

Doug Aldrich has left Whitesnake to pursue a solo career.

Last week’s Rockucation question was: Who was the speaking voice on Alice Cooper’s Black Widow? No one got this, maybe I should have asked who did the speaking part on Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The answer is the one and only Vincent Price.

Tesla has a new website, a new tour, a new record coming out and you can find out about all of it here: and they also have a new song for their new record, Simplicity, called So Devine. You can hear it here:

Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) will be doing all the drumming on all 9 tracks of the soon to be released Smashing Pumpkins album called: Monuments To An Elegy.

Yet another supergroup emerges. Yes this one contains Elliot Easton (Cars), Clem Burke (Blondie), Wally Palmer (Romantics) and Andy Babiuk (Chesterfield Kings). The name of the band is Empty Hearts and their self titled debut will be August 5th. You can check out their new single, I Don’t Want Your Love (If You Don’t Want To See Me), on their Facebook page here:

In case you have forgotten, David Lee Roth has a show he runs from Japan. Here it is if you want to follow him. In his latest episode he does an acappella version of Happy. You can check it out here:

I think Sebastian Bach made a valid point last week when his new album came out and sold only 5,000 copies. His point is that he has over 800,000 Facebook fans and such a low turnout to buy based on those numbers alone is a sad case of where rock is as far as sales. He was questioning why more didn’t buy the record, do they just like him on FB, for what reason, etc. When you think about it, he didn’t even get 1%. I believe that is the case for more rock bands and hence, why you continue to hear there is no need to release a new album. Afterall,  who is going to buy it. Most bands have legions of fans and if they don’t buy the new stuff, why put out the money and get nothing in return? Makes you wonder if the fan base is real or not.

If you like movie reviews and the like, check out my neice’s new movie blog here:

Uriah Heep, you may remember them, but if you don’t you should Google them. They have a long history in the world of rock. To give you an idea the album they are about to release on June 10th, called The Outsider that is their 24th. Here is One Minute and I love this track, they can still rock, my friends. Here it is:

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This week’s Rockucation question is: What do Metallica’s Black, Bon Jovi’s, New Jersey, Motley Crue’s, Dr. Feelgood and The Cult’s, Sonic Temple all have in common?

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