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Music News For The Week Of May 6, 2013!

Bruce Springsteen is recording, or should I say rerecording, Rose Tattoo with The DropKick Murphys to raise funds for the Boston Marathon Bombing victims. Expect to see it in iTunes this week!

Pop Evil also released a new video called Trenches from their album Onyx. It comes out May 14th. This video will be part of a trilogy of videos. Parts two and three will be coming soon. You can check out the video here:

You know how I love these new super groups forming, seems to be the “in” thing. Here is another one. Joey Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple), Tony Franklin (The Firm), Bruce Kulick (KISS) and Carmine Appice (you shouldn’t need an introduction to him) are forming a band and working with a record label. No name yet or when a record will be out. But based on the players in the band it’s something I will look forward too.

Even though Him cancelled their tour, they did release All Lips Go Blue and a new video:

In case you didn’t realize or maybe you did, Nickelback is currently touring, not a new album, but what they are calling the Hits tour. You can get dates here:

Aerosmith plans to release a concert DVD next month. It was shot from their performance after the Tsunami in Japan. It will feature some aftermath footage of that well. The name of it is: Rock For The Rising Sun.

Austin City Limits announced the line up for their music festival. You can get more info here:

Last week’s Rockucation question was: This band is from Canada, and is a trio and they had huge success in the late 70’s and 80’s. Their first album was called Rock And Roll Machine. Who is this band? The answer comes to us from Peter Trepanier of North Smithfield, RI. The answer of course was Triumph.

Mohegan Sun in Uncansville, CT, will be adding Motley Crue to their Walk Of Fame on May 18. It already has KISS, Bon Jovi and others. They will be the 25th artist to join.

Consider this a public service announcement. Most of you know I love David Bowie, especially his 70’s stuff. But he has a new video out for the song, The Next Day, and it is terrible as the album is terrible. It is sad that his music has come to this. But like I said this is a PSA. You will have to search for this one on your own. It will be better that way because if you really want to see it then you deserve to. But at least I will save both you and him some embarrassment by not giving you a link. PSA done!

Kiss has slowly been announcing tour dates across the country so if you want to see if they are coming to your area, you can check that out here: Looking for someone new to listen to, check out these guys called Last Vegas:

As I Lay Dying’s front man Tim Lambesis has pled not guilty on conspiracy to murder his wife. He has bail of $3 million dollars and I’d expect him to make it but if he is released he will need to wear a GPS device in case he travels.

Let’s help out a band that formed last year called Gone2morrow. They are trying to get on the warped tour and you can vote for them in the battle of the bands here: While you are there check out their music, good stuff.

Great White also released a fan directed video of Shotgun Willies. It was shot from the Monsters Of Rock Cruise. You can check it out here;

This week’s Rockucation question is: This person’s real name is Gordon Sumner and was the front man for a rock trio out of England. What is his name?

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