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Music News For The Week Of November 16, 2014!

The news was a little short this week. But as usual I got you everything you need to know.

AC/DC have released audio of the title track of their soon to be released album Rock Or Bust. The album comes out on December 2, but you can hear the song here:

Faith No More released a new track called Mother Fucker from their yet to be released album, untitled. But the single will be released November 28. You can check it out here:

Does anyone really care that Steve Adler is sober? I didn’t think so.

The Foo Fighters announced dates for their tour of Sonic Highways. You can get them here:

Food for thought, Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways debuted at number 2, selling only 190,000 copies, compared to the same week sales of Taylor Swift who sold 320,000 copies. Keep in mind that this is her third week and in her first week, she sold over one million copies. The Foo Fighters, who have picked up the torch as the next level of arena rockers to carry out the legacy, can’t even go gold on a release that had more hype than most bands get in a career today. Things that make you go hmmm…..

The Pretty Reckless have released another video off their Going To Hell album. This one is House On A Hill. It’s rather dark and sends a message. Check it out here:

The Black Star Riders will be releasing a new album on February 23, 2015 called The Killer Instinct.

If you want to see what Dee Snider’s Christmas Tale will be like if it makes it to city near you, as it is on Broadway in Chicago right now, you can and here is your chance. View it here:

U.F.O. will be releasing a new album on March 3, 2015 called The Conspiracy Of Stars.

Extreme have announced the 25th anniversary tour of Pornograffitti. This is where they play the whole album, plus other hits. You can watch the trailer here: You can also get dates here:

Kansas are releasing a CD/DVD set in March 2015. It will be called Kansas-Miracles Out Of Nowhere.

All That Remains will be releasing a new album on February 24, 2015, called The Order Of Things. They also released the song, You Found Me, which you can listen to here:

Last week’s Rockucation question was:  What do the following albums have in common: Alice Cooper, The Last Temptation; Alice In Chains, Sap; Linkin Park, Songs From The Underground;  and Slash, Slash. No one got this one, though many guesses were about producers and record labels, but those were not what I was looking for. The one thing these all had in common was that Chris Cornell performed on all of these albums.

Supergroup KXM has released a new video from their debut album. The track is called Faith Is A Room. You can watch it here:

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Rumor has it that the only thing coming out of the Van Halen camp is a live DVD.

German band, Devil’s Train, just released a track from their second album simply titled, II. This song is called Hollywood Girl. Check it  out here:

This week’s Rockucation question is: What band had hits with the songs, Red Sector A, The Trees, Analog Kid, Working Man, Limelight and Time Stand Still?

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