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Music News For The Week Of November 25, 2012!

I had to put something about the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary concert. All these great stars jamming with them. I hope I can get tickets to see them on this tour. Mainly, because every night will be special and someone will probably show up and jam. 50 years, wow!

Not a lot going on this week, but as always I find some news to keep you informed.

The Doors will be streaming their 1968 concert at the Hollywood Bowl. It will be on December 5th.

Metallica announced they will start their own record label, Blackened Records. Their first release will be Quebec Magnetic on December 10th. It will have 2 concerts from the Death Magnetic tour in 2009 from Quebec City. They also regained control of their back catalog.

The Yardbirds are releasing Making Tracks a 2 DVD Set on December 11th. It is coming out just ahead of their 50th Anniversary..

Don Dokken will be doing a short west coast acoustic tour. You can get dates here:

Last week‘s Rockucation question was: What famous drummer gave Jimmy Page the name for Led Zeppelin? The answer was Keith Moon from The Who. It was provided by Andy Stephens from North Kingstown, RI.

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Kid Rock will be revisiting or should I say re-recording Devil Without A Cause for its 15th anniversary. He thinks he may release Wasting Time as a new single. He is also touring now, you can get dates here:

Slash has recorded a new song with Myles Kennedy for the film Nothing To Fear, the soundtrack of his new horror film. No release date for the film or the song as of yet.

Led Zeppelin will be on David Letterman this Monday night December 3rd.

Michael Schenker will be releasing Temple Of Rock-Live in Europe on January 15th. It will have 3 versions released: A deluxe edition (2 CD, 1 Blu-Ray, 1 Bonus disc), A Blu-Ray edition (1 Blu-Ray and 1 CD) and 1 DVD edition.

This week’s Rockucation is: Aerosmith wasn’t always the original line up. Joe Perry and Brad Whitford left. Name who replaced them and what record they made.

You can listen to Steven Adler’s Adler’s Appetite new record Back From The Dea for free right here:

Stryper are releasing a new album in March/April it will be re-recordings of their best tracks and feature two new songs. It is supposed to be heavier sounding than the originals.

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