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Music News For The Week Of November 27, 2014!

You can stream the new album by AC/DC, Rock Or Bust, for free on iTunes right here: Also, you can check out the official video for the title track here: On top of all this they will have a limited satellite radio show on Sirius/XM that started on November 26 through December 7th.

System Of A Down have announced they will do a world tour in honor of the Armenian Genocide that has its 100th anniversary this coming April 24, 2015. The name of the our is called Wake Up The Souls Tour. It is highlighted by the fact they will be playing in Armenia on the anniversary. You can get dates here:

Sixx A.M. have released a new video for their song, Stars, off of their current album, Modern Vintage. You can check it out here:

The Who have released a new video for their 50th anniversary compilation album. The album is The Who Hit 50. This is a new track called Be Lucky and you can watch it here:

Interesting thing happened this week as I was watching my Twitter feeds. First, drummer Shawn Drover announced that he will be quitting Megadeth to pursue other musical interests. Then the next day, Chris Broderick announced he quit because of musical differences. If I was David Mustaine I would be saying WTF!

Foo Fighters have released a new lyric video for their latest release, In The Clear, from their album Sonic Highways. Watch it here:

Here is your PSA, there is a documentary about Kurt Cobain. Big whoop! I don’t think I will be watching that one. Actually, I know I won’t.

Joe Elliott is doing a crowdfunding campaign with various other rock stars for a movie called The Bridge. You can donate and check it out here:

The Answer is releasing a new album in March 2015 called Raise A Little Hell. It will be followed by a tour.

The Pretty Maids have released a new video from their latest album, Louder Than Words. This is Heart Without A Home. Check it out here:

In This Moment have released a new video called Big Bad Wolf. It’s off their current album, Black Widow. You can watch it here:

Last week’s Rockucation question was: What band had hits with the songs, Red Sector A, The Trees, Analog Kid, Working Man, Limelight and Time Stand Still? The answer comes to us from Chuck Dressler from Warwick, RI. The answer was Rush.

Enuff Z Nuff released a video from their Covered In Gold album. A covers album unfortunately. This is their version of Billy Squier’s The Stroke. If you choose to watch it, it is here:

Venom will be releasing a new album called The Very Depths on January 27, 2015.

Blackberry Smoke released a lyric video of their new song called Let Me Help You (Find The Door), from their soon to be released album titled Holding All The Roses. It comes out in February 2015. You can listen to the song here:

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A lot of you have been asking about Royal Blood, you can listen to them here:

Yes, I saw the stories about Scott Stapp, drug problems, new solo album, a book, living in his truck, on hard times, etc. Yes his former bandmates from Creed have all reached out to him. He is also recently divorced so if Charles Manson can get married, maybe there is still hope for him.

If you are looking for a reason that rock isn’t dead, you need to check out these guys, Dirty Thrills, from London, England. Their self titled debut just came out last week and here is their single, No Resolve. You have to check them out here: and you can lean more about them here:

I now have a guest blog on this site Please check them out and show them some support. They also have a Facebook page which you can check out here:, and a Twitter account, where you can follow them here: They pride themselves on being geeks and nerds and if you feel you fall into either category, or even if you don’t, you will truly enjoy the site. Check them out and even give them a like.

Revolution Saints is yet another supergroup with members of Journey, Whitesnake, etc. In fact, they released a video introducing themselves and their music and you can check it out here:

L.A. Guns will be releasing a live album on December 8, called Boston 1989.

Soundgarden have released another track off their new album, Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across The Path. This one is called Storm. Check it out here:

This week’s Rockucation question is: Before forming Electric Light Orchestra, Jeff Lynne, Bev Bevan and Roy Wood were in what band?

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