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Music News For The Week Of November 4, 2012!

 In case you didn’t get a chance to see the BOC reunion, I decided to post Don’t Fear The Reaper from that show. They sound pretty good on this clip.

In case you are wondering, today is National Heavy Metal Day. Crank it up and celebrate. You might want to check out VH-1 Classic, I’m sure they will be running some type of marathon or metal like shows.

Rush will re-release their 2112 album on December 18. There will be 3 different releases. All will be deluxe versions. One will be a CD and an audio DVD, one will be with a CD and audio Blu-Ray and finally you can get one CD Plus Audio Blu-Ray Super Deluxe.

Nine Inch Nails are working on a new album and tour.

A U.K. tour will consist of Journey, Whitesnake and Thunder. I hope they bring the tour over hear to the states. I am a huge fan of Thunder and never had a chance to see them. They were broken up but were asked to do this tour. Hope it continues.

The paperback version of Tony Iommi’s autobiography will include an extra chapter. It will be released on December 11. Makes you wonder now. These bands and artists have just found another way to get more money. Now when their books get released as a paperback and audio Cd’s etc., they are adding extra chapters so you can buy it again. How genius is that?

Lots of decent responses to the Rockucation question last week but unfortunately no one got it right. I guess I have to go for something a little easier. Answers to it are as follows: The singer was Sammy Hagar. The two guitarist named bands were Montrose and Van Halen. The bonus question answer is Ted Templeman. He produced both bands.

If you’re tracking these types of things.: Alex Liefson has been voted the greatest Canadian guitarist from Guitar Month at CBC Music.

I am trying to get to 100 likes on my Facebook page by the end on Monday November 12. I was hoping you could all share this with link with your friends and family and help get me there. Thanks in advance for your support.

Jon Bon Jovi has contributed two new songs (solo, no band) for the soundtrack to Stand Up Guys. Not Running Anymore and Old Habits Die Hard. It is an Al Pacino movie.

If you are interested, Aaron Lewis premiered his new song Forever. It is a country song and can be heard on CMT channel. You will have to look for it yourself if you want to hear it because I don’t. It’s just another public service announcement for you. That’s what I do, the small sacrifices I make it for you. You are welcome.

This week’s Rockucation question is: Who played the lead on the Beatles White Album for the track My Guitar Gently Weeps?

Soundgarden announced tour dates:

Bam Margera (Jackass fame) is touring with members of CKY backing him. Go here for current dates:

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