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Music News For The Week Of October 1, 2012!

Slash’s new animated video for Bad Rain. This is off  Apocalyptic Love.  I love the fact he even uses a snake in it and the members of the band. Pretty cool video,

What’s Hot Now! 

Keep your eye out for some new changes to this report coming soon. I look forward to your feedback. It rocks, if I do say so myself.

Metallica has made a deal with Vans (you know the shoe company), there will be two releases. The first one, Passion Project, features a 4 piece collection designed by each member of the band. This will be in February. The following month in March, they will release a 2 shoe salute to their debut album Kill ’Em All.

Rumor has it that Rage Against The Machine is recording a new record.

Josh Freese, drummer of Perfect Circle, has left the band and doesn’t plan on coming back. He was in the band for 13 years.

Broken Bones will be the last Dokken album according to Don Dokken. He wants to broaden his musical wings.  Let’s see how long this will last.

Nightwish has parted ways with singer Anette Olzon. No replacement has been named. Tarja Turunen, on the other hand, said she wasn’t interested in reuniting with the band.

In case you were wondering (because I wasn’t), The Smith’s will never reunite, ever, according to Morrissey. I’m ok with that.

This Tuesday is KISS’s Monster release. Pick it up and give it a listen.

So what do Chic, Public Enemy, Kraftwerk, N.W.A. and Donna Summer have in common and why are they being mentioned here in the sacred pages of Seth’s Rock Report? Because they are now nominated to this year’s Rock And Roll Of Fame.  Most of you know my stance on this institution and now again I show you why it should be called the hall of shame. None of these artists have anything to do with Rock And Roll. But yet here they are. They do also have Rush and Deep Purple finally, as well as Heart and Joan Jett And The Black Hearts.  The sad thing is Jon Lord just passed away and he won’t even see Deep Purple being nominated. Mind you all that both these bands have been available to be in for over 15 years. It’s sad when you come to think of it.  The Hall should really look at the bands/artists at this point who are aging and are on their last leg, so to speak. Honor them and give them the shot they so rightly deserve. I will get off my soap box now. But, all I have to say, Chic, really? So unworthy.

There will be a Slash Box Set coming out on December 3rd. It will have the Stokes DVD, and a CD of all the songs, his latest album  and a unreleased DVD from New York. The kicker is that it’s only being released in Europe. But if you go to, he will have a limited release that you can get while supplies last.

On October 24th, Axl Rose will be making his first live TV interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. But in case you were wondering, last year he made an appearance on That Metal Show with Eddie Trunk. He will be ready to discuss Appetite For Democracy residency at the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino in Las Vegas. Let’s see if he shows up on time.

It’s such a slow news week that I am even going to tell you that Gwar has a new guitarist, because Cory Smoot died (if you remember). Anyway his name is Flattius Maximus. Yep, that’s about as original as it gets.

Machine Head will be releasing a double live album called Machine Fucking Head Live on November 13.

If you feel you want to be part of something, then maybe you may want to help out Ugly Kid Joe. They are on They are trying to raise money to record a video for a new track called I’m Alright. Only with your help and generosity they can do this. Their sentiments, not mine.

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