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Music News For The Week of October 11, 2015!

Godsmack released the song, Inside Yourself. You can download the song for free on their site here. I thought it was a great song, so I think it’s worth downloading, especially since it’s dedicated to us, the fans!

Joel Hoekstra’s 13, Dying To Live album is streaming for free, it came out this week. You can listen to it here

Exodus have announced tour dates, you can get them here

There is a movie coming out called Gutterdammerung. Out early next year. It will feature, Iggy Pop, Slash, Tommy Araya and Lemmy. You can watch the trailer here

Machine Head announced a North American and European Tour. You can get dates here

If you can’t read Portuguese, you should check out this site anyway here. I’ll translate it in quick form: Guns And Roses will reunite next year in Portugal. They will be playing the Rock In Rio Lisboa, July 14-16. Finally, a reunion worth having and hopefully a full out tour. Also rumoured is that they will play the halftime show for the this year’s Super Bowl.

Chris Cafferty (TSO) is running a lyric video contest. Get the details here

Dirty Glory released a teaser video for their song, Sticks And Stones from their soon to be released album, Mind The Gap, out on October 22. Listen to it here

Ghost have released a limited edition glass set. You can order yours here

Bullet For My Valentine released the video for the title track of their new album, Venom. You can watch it here

Stryper released an electronic press kit (EPK) for their current album, Fallen. It came out this week. Check it out here. They also released a new song called Pride. You can listen to it here

Last week’s Rockucation question: KISS, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Guns And Roses, and The Eagles, just to name a few bands, all have survived this through the years. In some cases got better or more popular because of it. What is it? The answer comes to us from Phyllis Bourque of Pawtucket, RI. The answer is that each of these bands survived the loss of an original member(s).

Rush released Jacob’s Ladder from their DVD R40 Live out on November 20. You can watch it here

Bango Tango released a promo video, though no date for it yet, for their history. The film is titled, Attack Of Life: The Bango Tango Movie. You can watch it here

August Burns released a new video for their song, Ghosts. It’s from their current album, Found In Faraway Places. You can watch it here

Here’s your PSA, Neil Young has a new site about the earth. I personally don’t care, but some of you might. Yup, you’re on your own.

The Rolling Stones released The Harlem Shuffle from their soon to be released DVD/LP titled, From The Vault-Live At The Tokyo Dome 1990, out on October 30. You can watch it here

I am reiterating that you need to rock the vote as they say. The Rock And Roll Hall Of Shame and this year’s ballot proves it once again. Janet Jackson, NWA, etc, Is it the rock hall or what? Anyway, here is the list and make sure you VOTE for the rockers, I know you only get 5 choices but make sure that Deep Purple, YES, Steve Miller and Cheap Trick are 4 of them. Check it out here

Europe announced North American tour dates in January and February. Get them here

A book on Van Halen came out this week called Van Halen Rising: How A Southern California Backyard Party Band Saved Heavy Metal. I don’t agree, but that’s just me. You can get the book here

There’s a Gofundme page for Pat Dinizio, the lead singer of the Smithereens. He is looking for medical funding. You can help pay fo this procedure and get the details here

If you are looking to discover new music and connect with some fans of the same music, you need to check out this brand new site and sign up for free to Loud Up. Check it out here

The Black Crowes will be releasing their first four albums on vinyl on December 4.

Nazareth released Razamanaz from their new DVD, New Means Of Escape, out now. Watch it here

Def Leppard released another track from their new self titled album out on October 30. You can check out the song, Dangerous, here

Slayer have a new beer available called Slayer 666 Red Ale. You can order it here

3 Pill Morning, out of Minnesota, are running a Pledgemusic campaign for their new album. You can help support them here. Also, the band released a new track from it called Bottom Of The Barrel which you can watch here

Creed frontman, Scott Stapp, announced tour dates. You can get them here

No, I don’t care about Lenny Kravitz. No matter what he is doing.

3 Floyds Brewing Company has teamed up with Cannibal Corpse for a beer. Theirs is called Amber Smashed Face Ale and you can get it here

Flying Colors released a new video of their new live DVD. The DVD is called Second Flight: Live At The Z7, out on November 13. The song is Kayla. Watch it here

Swallow The Sun are releasing a triple CD album called, Songs From The North I, II & III, out on November 13. Check out their new song, Pray For The Windows To Come, here

In case you missed it, all of Frank Zappa’s music is on all the online media sites, like Spotify, etc., if you wanted to check him out.

ELO have released another song called When The Night Comes. It’s from their album, Alone In The Universe, out on November 13. Listen to the track here

This week’s Rockucation question: There are a couple of stories on how this band got its name. The first is that this female was very close to the band and saw every show hence the name of the band, some replace being the groupie with that she was strung out on drugs. Another story is she was Jimi Hendrix’s girlfriend who was on heroin. Some say it was a drug using manager. Also that the band was named after a hooker who was a huge fan. In any event they formed in 1985, part of the alternative rock scene in Los Angeles, CA. Who is it?

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